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Volunteer Week Spotlight: Meet Bob Bailey!

By CSI HQ posted 11 days ago


In honor of National Volunteer Month, CSI would like to give a resounding round of applause to all of our current and past volunteers. This month, we are putting the spotlight on CSI members who go the extra mile for their friends and colleagues.

Today’s spotlight is on Bob Bailey AIA, CSI, CCS, LEED AP. You’re invited to learn how to become a CSI Volunteer or opt in to the CSI Volunteer Pool to easily apply for opportunities that are a match for your interests and availability.

How did you first decide to volunteer, and what is your particular area of expertise?

Initially, I had expressed interest in the editorial board of The Construction Specifier, and was subsequently asked if I would serve and I did. It was a two-year stint, and at the end of that time I was advised that there were other writing-related opportunities, one of which was writing items for the CCS exam, and I said I would do that. At the chapter level, I first volunteered as newsletter editor many years ago. And I’m the current editor now, but it has not been one continuous tenure. I enjoy writing and reviewing writing. I have written numerous book reviews.

Why is the work you do as a volunteer important to you?

It’s important because as a 35+ year member of CSI, I believe in the organization and its mission and have got a lot out of being a member. Helping to further the organization by fulfilling a small part is a good way to give back and keep the work CSI does vital. 

What impact have other volunteers had on your career?

For that I’d have to say many people in my Chapter who have volunteered their time by serving as officers, directors, and committee chairs have influenced me, and I was inspired to take on some of those same positions, and over the years I have held many positions in the chapter, including president.

How might other AECO professionals volunteer in their community, and why might you encourage them to do so?

It’s always good to give back to your professional community. That’s something I learned 25 years ago from a principal (now retired) who hired me for my current firm. He told me you don’t do it for thanks or recognition, you do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Favorite book?

There are too many books that I like a lot.


Reading, gardening, model trains.