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Volunteer Week Spotlight: Meet Glenda Mayo!

By CSI HQ posted 19 days ago


Happy National Volunteer Week! To celebrate the occasion, CSI would like to give a resounding round of applause to all of our current and past volunteers. All week, we are putting the spotlight on CSI members who go the extra mile for their friends and colleagues.


Today’s spotlight is on Glenda Mayo, PhD, CDT, LEED-AP, ASCE. You’re invited to learn how to become a CSI Volunteer or opt in to the CSI Volunteer Pool to easily apply for opportunities that are a match for your interests and availability.


How did you first decide to volunteer, and what is your particular area of expertise?

I’m not sure when I first started volunteering but I do feel that CSI was the catalyst for continuing to volunteer. I was a member of the Pensacola area CSI and the members were wonderful. We enjoyed spending time together and each volunteer opportunity felt more like a “get-together” than work.


My expertise is in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and also the area of using the CSI taxonomies to organize construction and owner’s data.


Why is the work you do as a volunteer important to you?

I think it is because I have seen the value in volunteering in both the Pensacola as well as the Charlotte chapters. Volunteering to teach and share information is a way that I’ve seen industry growth. The collaborative nature of CSI organizations allows for people within many disciplines to work together to discuss and solve an industry problem.


What impact have other volunteers had on your career?

My desire to work with CSI began because of wonderful volunteers in the organization who were always willing to help in any way.


How might other AECO professionals volunteer in their community, and why might you encourage them to do so?

I’ve learned something new every time I’ve volunteered. Also, hearing a “thank you” always makes you appreciate helping others, but I have say that my favorite reason is that volunteering has introduced me to some of the best friends!


Favorite book?

Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi. Maybe it was just because I read that book when I was much younger, but it amazed me that someone so young could travel around the world alone on a sailboat.



Sailing and Stained Glass.