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Top 3 Community Threads: Cash Allowances, Introductions + Value of CSI

By CSI Editorial Staff posted 02-05-2019 18:31


The CSI Community and CSI Blogs/News are your go-to resources to connect with other construction industry professionals, keep up on current events, and even share some more interesting information about yourself.

Here are three current conversations you may want to follow right now.

1) Cash Allowances: Kevin O'Beirne, PE, FCSI, CCS, CCCA posted, “Depending on the standard general conditions you use, there are three types of allowances in the industry: contingency allowances (EJCDC only), quantity allowances, and cash allowances.

Do folks use cash allowances at all and, if yes, are they used as intended in the standard general conditions?”

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2) Communicating CSI to the Entire Industry: Brent Williams CSI, CDT posted, “More and more frequently, I’m faced with members of the construction industry that don't have any idea of what CSI is or why the Institute and its work is important. What is your perception of how the rest of the industry sees the Institute and it's members?”

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3) Introduce Yourself: Cathy Stegmaier CSI Region/Chapter Relations &
Community Manager posted, “Get the conversation started by introducing yourself and sharing how you got your start in architecture-engineering-construction professions.” More than 80 construction industry professionals have replied. Post your story here.