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What You Said—Haunted House Stories

By CSI Editorial Staff posted 11-05-2018 17:29


What You Said—Haunted House Stories


Last week, in celebration of Halloween, CSI members shared their scary stories about haunted structures and the history behind who/what haunts them. Here are a few to enjoy. You can add your own spooky stories here.


“I am commissioning a data center, taking a while to get everything done, with long days and early mornings. Before the entrance to the site, there is a very old stone house with fence all around. It appears no one has lived there for some time, although the grounds are kept mowed, etc. I never see any lights in the house.

Getting to the site last week, from every window in that stone house you could see the lights were on! I have not seen that again.”
David Lewis CSI
Technical & Commissioning Project Director
Clayco Construction
Saint Louis MO


“I went on the Ghost Tour of Gettysburg with my oldest son. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it was a lesson in the enormous toll on life—human and animal—just in Gettysburgh. In the heated political rhetoric of election season, it seems some people could really benefit from tour, and maybe appreciate the phrase in the Gettysburg Address: “With malice toward none.”

Joseph Dunphy CSI-S


“Over the years my wife and I have owned several homes, at least three of them good candidates for being haunted. Two were small bungalows where the elderly woman in each died in the house. We were the second owners. In one, my daughter said she saw glowing eyes coming from the closet one night.


The other was a run done 1888 Queen Anne Victorian of almost 5,000 sf with a much more colorful history. Somewhat of a disappointment, except for the closet incident, we neither saw or heard anything else. But Halloweens were a lot of fun in the Victorian.”
Jon Rao Papke FCSI, CCS, CDT, AIA
Lead Architect
Minneapolis MN


“MasterFormat classification(s) for ghost hunting equipment We usually do not get too involved with this equipment, as it is often OFOI. However, if it comes up, we'll expect to specify it in Division 27 Communications or Division 28 Electronic Safety and Security sections.

Useful sources include: Ghost Hunters Equipment.”

Philip Kabza RA, FCSI, CCS, CDT, AIA, SCIP
SpecGuy Specifications Consultants
Mount Dora FL