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News: Repurposed Big-box Stores Offer Solution for Homeless

By CSI Editorial Staff posted 11-05-2018 16:30

The research and development studio at KTGY Architecture + Planning has created Re-Habit, a plan for repurposing obsolete big-box stores into essential uses, including smaller retail spaces, housing, employment, and support for homeless individuals.

As an example, KTGY proposes transforming an 86,000-square foot anchor store:
  • An entry path to the mall is carved out of the mass, and retail spaces in varying square footages front the path to the mall entry.
  • This allows the creation of a courtyard and three sizes of sleeping rooms: 20-bed, 12-bed, and two-bed rooms.
  • Eight apartment units sit above the retail.
  • Job training, services, and recreational programming join the mixed-use program.
  • Added roof space is for recreation and a garden.

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