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CSI Honors and Awards 2018: Class of Fellows Honoree Gene Fosheim

By CSI Editorial Staff posted 10-02-2018 19:59


CSI is pleased to recognize the 2018 CSI Award Winners. Recipients will be honored during the CSI Honors and Awards Ceremony at CONSTRUCT 2018 in Long Beach, CA, Thursday, Oct. 4.

Gene Fosheim MS, MA, CSI, CD, will be honored as a member of the Class of Fellows at the ceremony. Here, he discusses what the award means to him, and how CSI has impacted his life and career.


What does being a member of the 2018 Class of Fellows honorees mean to you?

This is an honor I never expected to receive. I’m excited to join a group of such dedicated professionals. 


As Fellowship acknowledges contributions to the advancement of construction technology, of all your contributions to CSI, which of them are most significant to you?

Though I’ve been involved with CSI at many levels over twenty years, the early years are the ones I’m the most proud of. Getting so many of my students introduced to and involved with CSI was a great experience for all. I love hearing their success stories many years later.


How has being a member of CSI informed your life and career?

CSI is all about people. I’ve made many great friends that have helped me in so many ways. Their encouragement has guided me through many years of personal growth.


What has been your favorite aspect of making your career in this field?

I have always loved architecture and construction. My specialty is historic preservation, which can be both frustrating and rewarding. There is no better feeling than restoring a historic building and hearing the compliments from the public.


Is there anyone you would like to recognize for supporting the work you do?

My list is quite long but I would love to give a big thank you to all my CSI friends over the last two decades for their encouragement.


What advice would you share with newer CSI members about how to have a career as fulfilling as yours?

Try and do what you love. In the early years money is very important, but later, job satisfaction is extremely important. It’s worth a cut in pay to pursue a career one loves.