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Tuesday Top 3: Class of Fellows Scott M. Conwell's Key Takeaways

By CSI Editorial Staff posted 09-11-2018 09:24


Scott M. Conwell, CSI, CDT will be honored as a member of the Class of Fellows at CONSTRUCT 2018 in Long Beach, CA, on Thursday, October 4.


Here are three takeaways about what the honor—and joining CSI—have meant to his life and career.  You can register to attend CONSTRUCT 2018 in person here.


#1) Most significant contributions: The contribution most significant to me is education. Because I am in the unique and enviable position of working closely with skilled union craftworkers, apprentice instructors, and contractors, the insights I am able to deliver to designers, whether through seminars, articles, or hands-on workshops, provide education that is practical and meaningful.


#2) Being a member of CSI: CSI has provided me a network of product representatives, designers, specifiers, and contractors, each with a unique approach to solving a problem. My CSI membership gives me access to some of the greatest minds in the industry!


#3) Advice to share with newer CSI members: Choose a specialty that interests you, keep yourself informed in that sector by reading, networking, and seeking out mentors. CSI provides a great platform for all of this. Stay ahead of the changes in your field, and adapt to them. As you gain knowledge and experience, you will be the one effecting the changes in your chosen sector, not reacting to them.