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What Do You Think: Best Advice from a CSI Member

By CSI Editorial Staff posted 07-12-2018 18:30


What Do You Think, a new, weekly CSI conversation starter to help you to share your experiences, insights, and observations about the work you do was introduced this week on the CSI-Connect Community.

The first question was, “What is the single best piece of advice you've received from a CSI member?”

Below are a few of the top responses. You can log-in HERE to navigate to the CSI-Connect Community to see all of the answers, and also add an answer of your own.

​“To join CSI.”

- David Lewis CSI
Technical & Commissioning Project Director
Clayco Construction

“The best advice I ever received from a CSI member, was to join CSI!  While checking out a local chapter meeting, many people shared their CSI experiences with me.  From the knowledge they obtained at the meetings and other CSI events, to the people they met and the relationships they formed, to career advancement and professional certifications, it clearly became a no-brainer that this was a group I needed join!”

- Lee Ann Slattery, CSI, CDT, CCPR, LEED AP BD+C
Sales Support Manager
ATAS International, Inc.

“The best advice given to me many years ago as a new CSI member was to attend and get involved with my local Mississippi Chapter. As a new business owner at that time, I was told that meeting the diversified group of members in our chapter would open doors of opportunity for me and my business and allow me to contact people who could have some impact on my business as a material supplier and manufacturer's rep.  And oh did it. That was 26 years ago, and the opportunities it presented have been shown many times over in how my business grew and how I, as an individual, also grew.

The networking opportunities that CSI offers is something that I, and I will admit my bias and prejudice towards CSI, do not see any other construction organization being able to offer. If for no other reason, the diversification of our membership gives you exposure to the entire construction industry and process, which no other construction organization can offer. The certification program in CSI is second to none, and each of the levels of certification offers knowledge and education that leads you to become a better business person and assists you in becoming someone's trusted advisor (an expert in your respective area of the construction process).

Lastly, the greatest benefit that CSI has offered me is lifelong friendships from around the country that without being involved in CSI, I would never have been able to make.”

- Keith West, FCSI, CCPR
West Architectural Specialties, Inc.

“The Best Advice I got was, “Be really strict about your schedule and project architect's milestones,” courtesy of William Pegues.”

- Deborah MacPherson CSI CCS
Director of Specifications
WDG Architecture PLLC

“The best advice I ever received was from the president of the first chapter I joined (the late, lamented Ft Lauderdale Chapter). He told me that I would be repaid tenfold for every minute I put into CSI. So many years later, I believe he under estimated the pay back!”

- Ross Spiegel FCSI, Lifetime Member, CCS, CCCA, FAIA, LEED AP
Professional Lifetime
The SLAM Collaborative

“Even if not asked, volunteer for a task and perform that task 110 percent. Second to that, it's better to be 15 minutes early for an appointment than five minutes late and, if running late, make a phone call.”

- Thomas Montero FCSI, Member Emeritus, CDT, AIA
Architect, FCSI, Member Emeritus, AIA Emeritus

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Joining  CSI has been proven to be sound advice, but Michael Giglio clarified for me that adding CSI after my name on a business card did not lead automatically to increased business, only increased opportunities.  He accurately predicted that my returns from CSI membership would be proportionate to my efforts on behalf of my fellow members.  Thank you Michael!