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The CSI Foundation mission is to support research, education,  scholarship related to the built environment and in alignment with the goals and objectives of CSI. This is more than just a hope or aspiration to better the industry:

  • It’s a calling to educate, enlighten, and empower the entire AEC community, from emerging professional to c-suite executive.
  • It’s a quest to chart a course for students, veterans, minorities, and the underprivileged to find a meaningful career that in turn betters their own future.
  • It’s a purpose that shows a path forward to achieving these goals, with a continued focus on the future betterment of the AEC profession.

We cannot thank the following individuals enough for their support of the CSI Foundation. 

2023 Foundation donors

Andrea Zawodny, CSI, CCS®, CDT®, LEED AP
Ann Baker, RA, FCSI, Member Emeritus, CCS®, CCCA®, SCIP
Arlen Packard, CSI, CCCA®, CDT®
Betina Latiker, CSI, CDT®
Barbara Jo Agnew Brillard, CSI, CDT®, AIA, NCARB
Clifford Murakami, CSI
Crystal Barard, CSI, CCCA®, CDT®, LEED AP
Dale Riser, CSI
Daniel Frondorf, CSI, CDT®, ASPE
David Aquadro, CSI, CDT®
David Urschel, CSI
Delph Gustitus, CSI, AIA, EIT, LEED AP
Dennis Elrod, CSI, CDT®, AIA, USGBC
Donald Harris, CSI, CCS®, AIA
Dylan Watson, CSI-EP
Dzung Ha, CSI, CDT®
Edmund Buch, FCSI, CCS®, CDT®, AIA, LEED AP
Edward Boinest, CSI
Heather Trosclair, CSI

Ivette Ramirez Bruns CSI, CCS®, CDT®
Kevin Wang, CSI, CCS®, CDT®, SCIP
J. Gerard Capell, RA, FCSI, CCS®, CDT®, SCIP
James Fitzsimmons, CSI
James Pitre, CSI
James Robertson, FCSI, CCS®, CDT®, CSC, FAIA, NCARB, SCIP
Jerod Clark
John Johnston, PE, CSI, ASCE, MSCE
John Weber, CSI
Jon Mann, CSI
Jonnie Cox, RA, FCSI, NCARB
Jori Smith, CSI, CDT®, LEED AP
Joseph Anetrella, FCSI, Member Emeritus, CCS®, CDT®
Karen Burditt, RA, CSI, CDT®, AIA, NCARB
Kermit Duncan, FCSI, CCCA®, CDT®, AIA, NCARB
Lane Beougher, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CCS®, CCCA®, CDT®, CSC, FAIA, LEED AP, NCARB
Lynsey Hankins, FCSI

Louise Schlatter, RA, CSI, CCS®, CDT®, AIA, EIT, LEED AP, NCARB
Margaret  Chewning, FCSI, CCS®, SCIP
Marilyn Smith, FCSI, CDT®, AIA, SCIP
Marius Constantin
Marvin Kemp, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CDT, AIA
Merideth Marschak, CSI
Monica Occhetti 

Monique Birault, CSI, CDT®
Pam Johnson, CSI
Paul Jorgensen
Renée Russell, CSI, AIA, NCARB
Richard Fost, CSI, CCS®, CCCA®, CDT®, AIA, LEED AP
Robert Espinoza, RA, CSI
Robert Moretti, CSI, CDT®
Robert Unger, PE, CSI
Robert Vaughn, CSI
Ronald Geren, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CCS®, CCCA®, CDT®, AIA, CSC, SCIP
Royce Cornelison, CSI, Assoc. AIA
Sam Benowitz
Sherry Harbaugh, FCSI, CCS®
Thomas Lanzelotti, RA, MA, CSI, CDT®, AIA
Velma Hart, CAE, FASAE
Walter Wilson, CSI, AIA, NCARB
Wayne Domingue, CSI, CCS®, CDT®, AIA, LEED AP
William Hayward Jr., CSI, CCS®, CCCA®, CDT®, AIA, LEED GA, SAME
William Sundquist, FCSI
Yolanda Jolley, CSI, CCS®, CCCA®, CDT®, AIA, SCIP

Updated as of December 8, 2023



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