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How to Properly Submit an Award Nomination - Part 2

  • 1.  How to Properly Submit an Award Nomination - Part 2

    Posted 04-14-2023 10:24 AM
    Edited by Billy Mathis, FCSI, CDT 04-14-2023 10:24 AM
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     In Part 1 we discussed the particulars of how to submit, now let's get down to specifics pertaining to the current Region Award Nomination Form.  You will note on the nomination form that there is a place for information pertaining to the nominations such as who is nominating this individual, committee, group, chapter, etc., and for which award.  The assumption is that individual Chapter Boards will approve and nominate all Awards Packages submitted.  In this case the Award Nominator would be the Chapter.  If, however, a group of members feels that someone should be nominated for an Award, they can prepare the form as well.  In this case, one or more individual names should appear in this spot.  Fill in the name of the Nominee and the Award for which they are being nominated (please be sure you use the Award Title as described in the Operating Guide).

    Next up is the Biographical information for the individual.  This part was kept to a minimum in order to make the award simple to complete and submit.  Please check the spelling of the individuals name and the acronyms  after the name (i.e., CSI, CDT, CCCA, ASLA, etc).

    In the section marked as "Should the nominee be selected for this award the following is the nominator's suggested narration to be imprinted on the certificate of award", you should create a short description (no more that two or three sentences which summarizes the larger nomination section above.  This will be what will be used on the Certificate or Plaque (if possible).  Please keep in mind that this may be edited by the Awards Committee, so don't be surprised if the wording is changed or shortened if necessary.

    The final section of the first page of the nomination is the date of submission and the signatures.  For most awards, only the Chapter President need to sign it.  There are two exceptions to this.  (1) if the nomination is for the Chapter President, then it is always a good practice to have another Officer, such as the Secretary, Treasurer, or a Board Director sign in addition to the President.  (2) if the Nomination is not being submitted by a Chapter but by individual members, then signatures of three (3) chapter members will be needed.  Please make sure that the form is signed (for electronic signatures a scanned "wet" signature is required).  Don't just type in a name.  It will be considered as not acceptable that way.

    The 2nd and subsequent pages contain the information which is considered the "Meat" of the nomination package.  This area is where the Award will be won or become an opportunity missed, depending on the written word.  To fill in the "This nomination is made for the following reasons:  (Be specific)" section you need to follow all the suggestions and hints shown above.  The nomination package should reflect not only what was done, but how it was done, by whom, and what the result of the action was.  Simply stating that something was done will not always be enough, especially if this award nomination is being compared to others.  Be as specific as possible, remembering the 4 C's and make sure that your nomination is reviewed by another individual or group, not responsible for any of the writing.  This third-party review can check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and can let you know if something is questionable or if there are some holes in the descriptions which need to be addressed.

    With all of this in mind, please remember the most important thing of all.  The Deadline for Submissions is April 28, 2023.  This includes all electronic and hard copy submissions.  Also please note that if you submit early and discover that a correction or addition is required, the nomination package can be re-submitted as long as the deadline has not passed.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

    Billy J. Mathis, CSI, CDT, Chairman

    Gulf States Region Awards Committee

    Billy Mathis FCSI, CDT
    Administrative Assistant for Architecture
    Taggart Architects
    North Little Rock AR