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Fellows Friday - Thank You Marvin Kemp

  • 1.  Fellows Friday - Thank You Marvin Kemp

    Posted 05-27-2022 09:53 AM
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    Fellow Fellows: 

    I would like to continue my series, and look forward to hearing everyone's journey, on our paths to CSI Fellowship. So on this Fellows Friday I would like to honor @Marvin Kemp, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CDT, AIA since his time in CSI's highest role is about to sunset.

    Prior to my service on the Institute Board, Marvin was that person on stage that gave out the coolest of CSI awards and of course a photo in email blasts from Institute.

    After meeting him for the first time in June of 2018, I remember how welcoming he was to this young grasshopper on the Institute Board. His fiery passion during that meeting demonstrated to me that he will do what is right and best for CSI.

    Fast forward to January of 2020. Ellen had just finished her last meeting as Chair and did an exemplary job as she always did leading CSI (side note she will get a Fellows Friday too). I departed that board meeting energized about the momentum CSI had been building over the past few years and ready to take this energy back to the membership.

    Then Covid; and what next?

    Marvin was assuming the role of Board Chair during a once-in-a lifetime global pandemic, that none of us in the world had a play book we could blow the dust off to help us lead an association.

    And what did Marvin do? He did what true leaders do, he rose to the occasion, embraced it and lead CSI during a time that was extremely challenging for anyone, not just Marvin.

    For some reason, he always knew the right thing to say at the right time when the Board or individual members needed a voice with reason. But when I think more about it, that's what born leaders do, they lead in any situation, at all times.

    During this time, I truly grew to appreciate the fact that we were so fortunate to have Marvin lead us during the dark days of this global pandemic. He has served with grace, dignity, empathy, and honor.

    And, as I know him a lot better now, he served in a way that would make his wife, kids, and family proud. 

    It's been a pleasure to serve with Marvin, his leadership helped me achieve Fellowship and as I prepare to follow in his footsteps in a couple years, I am better prepared because of the time I have spent working with Marvin.

    Marvin, I dedicate this Fellow Friday to you, and I THANK YOU for your volunteer leadership to CSI!


    William Sundquist FCSI
    Chattanooga TN