Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award

Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award

What the Award Memorializes

The Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award was established to promote the greater awareness of CSI to students completing studies in a construction-related educational program. Interested in donating to the Moll/Betts Student Excellence Fund?

Who is Eligible?

Student: A student who is enrolled at a bona fide institution of higher education in a course of study pertaining to Construction Architecture; Landscape Architecture; Interior Design; Construction Engineering; Construction Management; Construction Technology; Engineering, or other design or construction related field. The scholarship is presented to the two students with the highest scores in the CDT during the fiscal year (ex. July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017).
Institution: The institution that one of the winning students attends, and which teaches a course in construction documentation, will also receive a library of CSI member-authored books.

How to Apply

By registering for the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) Exam as a student, the candidate agrees to participate in the Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award competition.


Student Award

  • The student earning the highest overall score during an award cycle will receive a cash scholarship of $2500.
  • The student earning the second highest overall score during same award cycle will receive a cash scholarship of $1100.
  • The winning students will also be awarded a CSI Membership (Institute only) for the following twelve months at no charge.
  • Each winning student will also receive a Letter of Recognition for their accomplishment.

Institution Award

  • The winning institution will receive a library of CSI member-authored books.

DOWNLOAD MOLL/BETTS AWARD TERMS OF USE (PDF), which includes full program description, criteria and judging information.

Past Award Winners

(2023) Kaitlyn Kurdziel, CDT®, James Stenze, CDT®

(2022) Perry Hammond, CDT®, Glorianne Ramos Jimenez, CDT®

(2021) Blake Gneiting, CSI-S, CDT®, Katia Isabel Lucey Sanz, CDT®

(2020) Mark Knarr, CSI-S, CDT®; and Shawn Willett, CSI-S, CCS®, CDT®

(2016) Purnima  McCutcheon, CSI-S, CDT®; and Rashawna Roanhorse, CDT®

(2015) Michael Cho, CDT®

(2014) Nicholas Conniff, CSI-S, CDT®; and Farrah McCullough, CDT® 

(2013) Magdalena Krstanoski, CSI-EP, CDT®; and Jennifer G. Kozlovsky, CSI-S, CDT®

(2012) Gregory F. Roy, CSI-S, CDT®, CCCA®

(2010) Teresa K. Chan, CSI-S CDT®

(2008) Matthew T. Lewis, CSI, CDT®

(2007) David J. Mizer, CDT®

(2006) Justin R. Cole, CDT®

(2005) Onni C. Tibor, CDT®

(2002) Robert Huserick, CDT®

(2001) Dennis R. Bland, CDT®

(2000) Robert Raymond Popp, III, CDT®

(1999) Tasha M. Settles, CDT®

(1998) Erin Becker, CDT®; Michael Anthony, CDT®