Environmental Stewardship Award

Environmental Stewardship Award

This award was created to recognize those who have become a “Steward of the Environment” within their city, county, state, region, etc.  (A Steward of the Environment is one who not only espouses but actively and publicly is an environmental practitioner.)

Past Award Winners

  • (2023) Erin Spadavecchia, CSI, CDT®
  • (2021) Ironwood Mills; JLG Architects; RTA Architects
  • (2013) Maricopa County Facilities Management Department 
  • (2012) Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
  • (2011) Greenspaces
  • (2010) Design Group & The University of Memphis Department of Architecture, CSI-S Chapter/TERRA House
  • (2007) Dagmar B. Epsten, CSI, CCS & HGA Architects & Engineers
  • (2006) Rebecca L. Foss, MLA, CSI
  • (2005) Mike Leonard, CSI, CDT