Communications Award

Communications Award

This award is presented to a CSI Member, Chapter, Region or Group for outstanding effort in the communication of CSI related topics and activities.

This award has three categories:
  • Continuing Publications such as newsletters, syndicated columns (either hard copy or electronic), etc. published at least 4 times per year.
  • Electronic Communications such as email communications, social media, blogs, websites, contests, webinars and eClasses
  • Special Publications such as rosters, marketing collateral, directories, technical papers, posters, videos, and calendars (either hard copy or electronic) that are published one time a year.

Past Award Winners

CSI Cincinnati Chapter
The Los Angeles Chapter of CSI (LACSI)
The Speck, Stacy Colbaugh, CSI, CDT®, Editor

Grand Rapids CSI Chapter
Los Angeles Chapter
Portland, Oregon Chapter
Melissa Pope, CSI - Monday's with Melissa
Nestor Lobos, CSI-EP
Stacy Colbaugh, CSI, CDT®

CSI Grand bRapids Chapter
CSI Los Angeles Chapter
CSI Memphis Chapter’s Online Panel Discussion: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic
CSI Phoenix Chapter
CSI Portland Chapter
Geremy Mendelson, CSI, CDT®

The Memphis Chapter of CSI
CSI Grand Rapids Chapter
CSINext Chapter
CSI Chicago Chapter
Robert J. Bailey, CSI, CCS

CSI Chicago Chapter
CSI Grand Rapids Chapter
CSI Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter
CSI Los Angeles Chapter
CSI Portland Chapter
CSINext Chapter

Jeffrey Parnell, CSI– Memphis Chapter Website; 
Robert Bailey, CSI, CCS– Pittsburgh Chapter Newsletter; Richard J. Lueb, FCSI, CCS, CCCA– Oklahoma City Newsletter; CSI Memphis Chapter Publication, PerSPECtive; John Dunaway, CSI, CCS-  The Gulf States Leader - e-newsletter; John Dunaway, CSI, CCS– Event Promotional Materials; John Dunaway, CSI, CCS– Mississippi Chapter Newsletter; CSI Chicago Chapter– Chapter Marketing Materials; CSI Chicago Chapter– Chapter Website Redesign; T.J. Chambers, CSI-EP– “Year in Review” Lehigh Valley Booklet; CSINextChapter – CSINext Website 

Chicago Chapter Newsletter "Change Order"; Chicago Chapter Communications Committee; Daniel Hargreaves, FCSI, CDT - CSINext;  Grand Rapids Chapter “Rapid River
Ramblings” Newsletter Team; Gulf States Region Newsletter “The Gulf States Leader”; Knoxville Chapter Newsletter “The Speck”; Little Rock Chapter Newsletter “Specwork'; Mississippi Chapter 50th Anniversary Video Team; Phoenix Chapter Website

Robert J. Bailey, CSI, CCS; Chicago Chapter Newsletter "Change Order"; Chicago Chapter Website; Chicago Chapter CSi2eye Event Bookley; Knoxville chapter Newsletter"The Speck"; Memphis Chapter Newsletter "The Memphis PerSPECtive"; Memphis Chapter Website; 2016 CSI Memphis BUILD/IT Products Dispaly Show Publication; Pikes Peak chapter newsletter "The Intent"; Pikes Peak chapter Website; Portland Chapter YouTube channel; William Sundquist, CSI; Steve C. Tubre, CSI, CCCA


Chicago Change Order; Chicago Chapter Website; John Dunaway, CSI, CCS; Grand Rapids Chapter "Rapid River Ramblings"; Indianapolis chapter; Cherise Lakeside, CSI, CDT; Richard J. Lueb, FCSI, CCS, CCCA and the Oklahoma city Chapter "The Conspec"; The Memphis PerSPECtive; Memphis Chapter Website; Pikes Peak chapter "The Intent"

Chicago Change Order; Chicago Chapter Website; Design Indy; Jon C. Lattin, CSI, CCPR, Richard J. Lueb, FCSI, CCS, CCCA and The Conspec; Eric C. Lussier, CSI, CDT; Memphis PerSPECtive; Memphis Chapter Website; Nashville Chapter Website, Lynn Ostenson, CSI, CCS, Redwood Bark; Specifics; Sheldon Wolfe, RA, FCSI, CCS, CCCA; Melody Stinson, CSI and the Oklahoma City Chapter

Denver Chapter Membership Directory; Columbus Chapter Newsletter, The Comment; Ariel Su, CSI, CCCA, and Thomas Frank, CSI; Northern Illinois Chapter’s newsletter, CSI Link; Redwood Empire Chapter’s newsletter, Redwood Bark; Fort Worth Chapter, SCR Conf Program Guide; Richard J. Lueb, FCSI, CCS, CCCA; Lynn Ostenson, CSI; Memphis Chapter Website; Memphis PerSPECtive; Melody Stinson, CSI, CCS, CCCA; Worcester Chapter Newsletter; Chicago Chapter E-Newsletter, “Change Order”; Chicago Chapter’s website

Chattanooga Chapter; Cindi Brooks, CSI, CDT; Chicago Chapter Change Order; Justin R. Cole, CSI, CDT; DesignColumbus Committee and Jim McDonald, CSI, CDT; Knoxville Chapter Newsletter The Speck; Memphis Chapter Publication The Memphis PerSPECtive; Memphis Chapter website; Philadelphia Chapter Newsletter The Index; Redwood Empire Chapter Redwood Bark

Rapid River Rambling; Ronald L. Geren, FCSI, CCS, CCCA; Oklahoma Chapter SCR Planning Committee; Conspectus Tech Tips; Memphis PerSPECtive; Steve Lawrey, CSI, CCS, CCPR, CCCA; Redwood Empire Bark; Southwest Breezes; Denver Chapter Roster; David Proudfit, FCSI, CCS; Chicago Chapter Newsletter Change Order; Memphis Chapter Website; Jan O'Brien Big Sky perSPECtive; Los Angeles Newsletter; Cindi Brooks, CSI, CDT, Chatta Data; Sacramento Chapter; Billy Mathis, CSI, CDT

Award winners are listed by fiscal year.