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CSI Reimagined

By Randall Lewis, CSI, AIA posted 09-22-2021 09:44 AM


CSI Reimagined- Follow Up

Notes For Consideration

CSI Experience:

Chapter Management – Has CSI helped you to be a better leader at work and in life?

Knowledge Source - Has CSI allowed you a broad range of people to learn from and share with?

Profitable Business - Has CSI helped you in your business to grow and become more profitable?

Training - Has CSI given you training and allowed you to grow your training skills?
If you can answer Yes to most or all of these questions, then you have a core knowledge of the importance and value of CSI. The next generation needs these same skills. Are we asking them to join us to learn and grow?

Chapter Role:

Knowledge for the Industry- Does your chapter help you to understand the changing ways of the Construction industry through CEU programs and other means?

Teaching in the Community – Is your chapter involved in community STEM programs? Are you reaching out to your community to offer support to the next generation of construction professionals?

Just Ask! - If we want people to join us and if we want people to help in leadership, these two words are the key- just ask.

Fun- We need fun in life. We can make CSI fun and not miss the reason we are here. Plan fun events, involve families, go to a ballgame together, host a cookout. Chapter meetings do not always have to be a meal and a speaker. Get innovative and have fun!

Chapters are the heart and soul of CSI. Region and Institute can be a support to chapters, but without chapters we are nothing. Thank you to all who are in chapter leadership positions. You are more appreciated and respected than you probably know.


Communication – Communication is fundamental in any well-functioning organization. Communication is a two-way street from top to bottom and bottom to top. We at the region level are happy to hear from you. We need to hear from you. Conversely, you need to hear from us. We will be working to make communication better throughout the 2021-22 year.

Sharing Ideas- If something works for your chapter, it may well work for others. Sharing ideas and successes is vital. We have the CSI Blog and Region Blog to help with sharing. Please post your comments so we can all learn!

Mentors – If you have been in CSI for very long, you have most likely have encountered someone that you now consider a mentor. The wealth of knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge is a hallmark of CSI.

Just Ask! – From the region level, “just ask” has a slightly different take than from the chapter level. If you need help with your chapter in leadership or membership or any other way, Just Ask. We are here to help get you answers to help you through obstacles that come your way.

Fun – Come join us at a region conference! We have fun, share information, and learn from each other. The Gulf States Region has a treasure box of talent and expertise. That treasure box Is available to each chapter member- Just Ask!


Core experience – Institute is here to support and help us all as we enjoy our CSI experience. They have contacts and resources to connect us with when we cannot find them ourselves.

Contracts-Forms - did you know that there are free documents and forms available to you as a CSI member? You get email about some of these documents or go to the CSI website and go to the Bookstore and check out the freebies there!
Enhancing the member experience- The Institute Board is making a goal out of enhancing your CSI experience. If you are not getting what you would like from CSI, please make that known to your chapter leadership, region leadership or Institute leadership. We want you to be heard and helped.

Just Ask! – You need something or have a question or want to volunteer- just ask!

Fun – In all aspects of CSI, we ought to be having fun. Meeting each other, growing our Industry, enjoying a conversation over a cold beverage can be fun and educational.

It was a joy preparing and presenting CSI Reimagined at the GSR Conference in Huntsville. Take this information, reflect upon it, and use it.
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I would love to hear from you!

Kent Kile FCSI, CDT, CCPR,
CSI GSR President 2021-22