Gulf States Region

Robert V. Bishop Awards

By Randall Lewis, CSI, AIA posted 05-16-2018 22:00

The Robert V. Bishop Award is the highest recognition of the Gulf States Region and is presented for exemplary performance, service and devotion to the Region and the principles of The Construction Specifications Institute. Mr. Robert V. Bishop is the award namesake and was honored with a medal and plaque on April 22, 1990.

1989    Robert V. Bishop, FCSI - Birmingham
1990    Don Manley, FCSI - Memphis
1991    Marshall A. Hildebrand, Jr., FCSI, Member Emeritus - Chattanooga
1993    Jacque V. Falkenstine, CSI, CCS - Shreveport
1995    Mr. Jerome H. Alciatore, FCSI, CCS, AIA - New Orleans
1996    Robert V.M. Harrison, FCSI, CCS, FAIA - Mississippi
1997    Andrew D. Hiegel, CSI, CCS - Little Rock
1998    Knox H. Tumlin, FCSI, CDT - New Orleans
1999    Eugene Wetzel (deceased) - New Orleans
2000    James A. Neison, FCSI, CDT - Memphis
2001    Phillip L. McDade, FCSI, CCS, FASLA - Mississippi
2002    Betty C. Hays, FCSI, CCS, Member Emeritus, SCIP - Little Rock
2004    Katherine S. Proctor, RA, FCSI, CDT - Knoxville
2005    Tom Clarke, FCSI, CCS, CCPR, CCCA - Mississippi
2006    Wally Bostelmann, FCSI - Memphis
2007    W. Richard Cooper, PE, FCSI, CDT - Nashville
2008    Floyd B. Sterling, CSI, CDT - Shreveport
2009    Michael M. Davis, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CDT - Chattanooga
2010    Dudley L. Flotte, CSI, CDT, AIA - Pensacola
2011    R. Michelle Christen, FCSI, CCA - Little Rock
2012    Keith West, CSI, CCPR - Mississippi
2013    Kevin Corkern, FCSI, CCS, CCCA - Nashville
2014    Jimmy Lail - Chattanooga
2015    John Dunaway, CSI, CCS, AIA - Mississippi