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Three CSI Members Share Their Local Chapter Shout-Outs!

By Peter Kray posted 03-03-2020 10:52


Local CSI Chapters form the immediate, local community for CSI members, with their own initiatives, culture, and yearly events to bring construction industry professionals together.

A recent CSI Community Connect post asked members to, “Celebrate Your Local CSI Chapter! What is it about your chapter that you enjoy the most, or that you think makes it special and unique?”

Here is how three members responded: 

The Mississippi Cooking Team! I have discovered that CSI members, like the scouts in my old Boy Scout Troop, certainly respond to the old adage, “Feed them and they will come.” We hold our annual Transfer of Power meeting each June on a Saturday. Outgoing and incoming officers and committee chairs attend the afternoon workshop and we put together our transitions and our plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

At the end of the afternoon, spouses and significant others join us for supper that may consist of steaks on the grill, or some sort of BBQ and then we enjoy the networking and the fun and fellowship that goes along with the evening. It is something that we all look forward to each year, planning for the fiscal year, and then planning on leaving the evening quite content. We have been doing this for pretty much as long as the 25+ years of me being a member.
M. Keith West FCSI, CCPR, CDT


I like that in the Vermont Chapter, we have technical programs that are well respected, but we also have social outings where we can just hang out together and be people.

We have two annual social events each year—one near the Holidays and usually a dinner in June (with Awards). Both events are about being together and celebrating the social aspect of CSI. There is no educational program.

It is the relationships I form with others that I like most about CSI, at all levels. I have so many friends in CSI.
Cam Featherstonhaugh CSI, CDT, AIA


I am proud of our Chicago Chapter for our involvement in our community. We have great technical programs and social events but we are involved in our Chicago construction community beyond just our members. We have affiliate relationships with other organizations like the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association, IIBEC Chicago and BEC Chicago. We also give back to our community through our Student Scholarship, Future Cities and Rebuilding Together initiatives. The chapter offers many different ways to get involved and they all offer easy ways to meet people.
Brad Schwab CSI, CDT

Link here to share a shout-out to your chapter!