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Introducing Crosswalk® for Microsoft Word®

By CSI HQ posted 10-13-2022 04:48 PM


ALEXANDRIA, VA (October 13, 2022) | On October 13, at its national conference in Denver, the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) formally launched its first-ever end-user software, Crosswalk® for Microsoft Word®. The product, a user-friendly add-in for Word, promises to make construction planning more accurate, convenient, and efficient.

The product places CSI’s core library of construction standards, MasterFormat®, UniFormat® and OmniClass® directly into Microsoft Word. Using a search tool that appears in Microsoft Word, users can search numbers and titles across each of these standards. By connecting Microsoft Word with CSI’s three primary standards, construction professionals will save countless hours and avoid costly inaccuracies.

“Until now, our customers depended on a printed book or a massive PDF to do their project classifications,” explains Hugh Seaton, who has led the design and development of the add-in. “But now, with Crosswalk for Microsoft Word, construction professionals can access CSI standards directly inside their daily workflow.”

Crosswalk has, for years, provided CSI standards and classifications via enterprise-level software integrations. Many AEC professionals are already quite familiar with Crosswalk because it’s the API (application programming interface) that connects their design/planning software with the core CSI library.

But Crosswalk for Microsoft Word is the first out-of-the-box, turnkey solution that doesn’t require custom development or integrations.

Users simply buy the product license, download the add-in, enter their access key, and the add-in appears every time they open Microsoft Word. Users search a number or title, find the correct classification, and drop it directly into the planning document. With Crosswalk for Microsoft Word, searching partial numbers and titles is a breeze - the search function returns all related terms, and you can use the Crosswalk function to translate a number or title between standards. The tool is the first time individual end- users can get all three of CSI’s core standards in a single place, and revolutionizes how users interact with all three standards.

“We don’t say ‘game-changer’ too often. But this product is going to change the game,” says Mark Dorsey, CEO of CSI. “We’ve been publishing MasterFormat since the late 1960s. Today, it leaps into the future. Crosswalk for Microsoft Word makes our classifications instantly findable and usable. And it’s further proof that CSI is laser-focused on identifying what our members need and then creating and delivering it to them.”

Crosswalk for Microsoft Word is designed to enhance how you interact with CSI standards. By simplifying search for numbers and titles, the title makes it quick and easy to double-check classifications in your documents. Navigating between multiple standards within your planning documents streamlines project collaboration and reduces time spent on manually translating project information from MasterFormat to UniFormat, for example. No matter what standard your client, consultant, or team is working with -- you’re able to rise to any occasion with Crosswalk for Microsoft Word.

The formal launch of Crosswalk for Microsoft Word took place on the morning of Thursday, October 13, during Mark Dorsey’s opening remarks at the CSI National Conference, “Future Ready: Projects and Practice in a Changing Industry.”

Crosswalk for Microsoft Word is available for purchase from the Crosswalk website at At launch, the product will be available for $495/year for members of CSI and $795/year for non-members.

“This is just the beginning,” Dorsey explains. “We’re thrilled to make this product for construction and design professionals. But we’re already working to develop other consumer-friendly products, including integrations with other popular productivity software. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Crosswalk in the coming months and years.”

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About Crosswalk
The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) created Crosswalk as a digital solution for the AEC community. With decades of leadership in the construction industry, CSI designed Crosswalk to digitally deliver CSI’s industry-leading standards MasterFormat®, UniFormat®, and OmniClass®. Through an enterprise-grade application programming interface (API), Crosswalk connects to your construction software to deliver construction classification standards directly into your project workflows.