CSI Foundation

The CSI Foundation's mission is to conduct research, education, and recognition in the area of process improvement of the built environment life cycle. In so doing, the program scope for the Foundation includes live and online continuing education; research and development; special recognition and scholarship programs.

The CSI Foundation has conducted successful projects including:

  • Developing construction terminology and interfacing with the International Framework for Dictionaries in partnership with the National Energy Management Institute.
  • Providing disaster relief and business recovery assistance to CSI members after the hurricanes of 2005.
  • Providing support for student activities and participation at the CSI Annual Convention.
  • Providing scholarship assistance to students affiliated with the CSI Central Pennsylvania Chapter.

The CSI Foundation maintains several endowment funds to support the mission of the foundation in advancing the construction industry. The CSI Foundation is a tax-exempt corporation as defined by section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code. Donations to CSI Foundation Funds are normally tax-deductible.

To donate to the foundation: make your check payable to "CSI Foundation" and mail it to:
The CSI Foundation 
110 South Union Street, Suite 100 
Alexandria, VA 22314

Questions? Contact CSI Event & Volunteer Relations Manager Kelly Porter at or 800-689-2900 ext. 4783.

Resources for this Section

Moll/Betts Student Excellence Fund

Encourage students to get involved in CSI by supporting the Moll/Betts Student Excellence Fund!


Central Pennsylvania Chapter Scholarship Fund

The CSI Central Pennsylvania Chapter Scholarship Fund provides tuition, fees and books assistance to students enrolled in higher education programs.


CSI College of Fellows – Student and Emerging Professionals (SEP) Fund

The SEP Fund was established in 2008. Earnings from the fund are used to provide support of students’ and emerging professionals’ interest in the construction industry.


Eustis College of Fellows Fund

Former CSI President Richard A. Eustis established this fund to support the College of Fellows.