CDT Exam Study Class Sponsorship

Our CDT Exam Study Class sponsorship opportunity provides a cost efficient way to promote your business and/or products to both the class attendees and our membership as a whole. Your sponsorship will also be supporting our mission of building knowledge and improving project delivery.  

Click here to learn more about the 11 week class which starts in January 2020 and ends in March 2020.  Please review the full details of class sponsorship opportunity below and register to be a sponsor today.  There are 6 spots available so register for a sponsorship today.

CDT Exam Study Class Sponsorship Opportunities Member
Class Sponsor

  • Logo on CDT Exam Study Class website
  • Logo on social media recognizing your support in this event.
  • Logo in the Change Order newsletter recognizing your support in this event
  • Opportunity to visit the class and share your own CSI &/or CSI story during the end of term pizza party/mock exam day or on another class date prearranged with the course coordinator (coordinator contact:
$100 $150
*see partnership page for package details.

For questions regarding any CSI Chicago marketing or sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at