CSi2eye Manufacturer Information

CSi2eye provides representatives from commercial construction product manufacturers with the opportunity to meet in person and one-on-one with a minimum of ten Chicago design and construction professionals. Each twenty-minute uninterrupted in-person meeting allows for the manufacturer representatives to introduce themselves, their products/systems, their technical knowledge, and resources in real time and receive valuable feedback.

Given the popularity of CSi2eye, and limited number of manufacturer spots available, please carefully fill out the manufacturer application form in a way that best represents you, your company, and your products. The information submitted will be used to make manufacturer selections and create marketing materials for the event.

Manufacturer applications are CLOSED. All applicants will be notified by mid-January, of their selection status. Depending on the number of applications received, not all applicants may be accepted.


Items needed to apply:

        Attendee(s) contact information, bio, and headshot

        Company overview and logo

        Product/system you are applying to present at event

Manufacturer Application Requirements:

        Must be a commercial construction product manufacturer interested in reaching Chicago

          design and construction community.  (Although important to our industry, this event does

          not accept industry associations and/or companies that offer industry services.)

        Must be available on Thursday, May 9th, 2024, to present in-person in Chicago.

        Maximum of two representatives can attend event with one being a technical


        Must pay participation fee within 30 days of being accepted and selected to participate.

Strongest Applications Include:

        New and/or innovative product and/or system released within the past 12 months.

        New construction application for and/or update of an existing product announced within

          the past 12 months.

●        Product/system that contributes to responsible design.  Responsible design recognizes

          the importance of sustainability, occupant comfort, as well as social, environmental,

          and economic factors. The methods of construction, the materials sourced, and

          the life cycle must be considered throughout all facets of the building.

        At least one attendee has technical knowledge of product. 

        Manufacturers who have not participated in recent years.


Meet Your Match: Prior to the event, all selected manufacturers receive a meeting match up survey where you will rank your interest in the participating design and construction professionals.  Meeting schedules will be made based on survey results with consideration of all survey responses.

Cancellation Policy:  Selected manufacturers can cancel at any time, however no refunds will be issued once payment is made.

Date: Thursday, May 9th, 2024, 8:00am – 4:00pm
(Full day attendance is required)
Location: East Bank Club, Chicago IL


     CSI Chicago Chapter Member -


     Nonmember/CSI Non-Chicago

       Member - $1,500/company*

Applications are CLOSED.
Late applications will not be accepted.  Selections on participants will be determined in mid-January 2023. All applicants may not be accepted.

*Payment is billed to selected manufacturers and due within 30 days of invoice.


Lunchtime presentation from Patrick Reicher, RR&J: Playing the Long Game: Responsible Decisions to Achieve Durable Buildings