Drew Clausen Spotlight


Drew Clausen studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Illinois in Champaign. After graduation, he began a career in the building materials industry and has been in the industry for about 25 years now. He has spent 19 years at USG and six years at Owens Corning; holding various roles in cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Boston. Drew currently leads the U.S. Architectural Solutions Team at Owens Corning.


Drew joined CSI so he could build relationships with some of the most influential professionals in the industry. If he were forced to pick one industry group to belong to … he says he would pick CSI every time.


Outside of assisting the Architectural community, Drew is passionate about music. It has enabled him to bring people together and he finds it therapeutic and relaxing. He performs throughout Chicagoland as a solo singer and acoustic guitar player. In spring of 2018, he was fortunate to perform at the World-Famous Tootsies in Nashville, which was a major bucket list item for him! Schedule and videos are online at www.drewclausen.com or on Facebook at DrewClausenMusic.


He is a proud father to two college ladies who he enjoys spending time with when they aren’t studying hard. He and his pup, Denver, enjoy getting off the path at the forest preserves and getting fresh air and exercise.


For architectural sales individuals, he offers this piece of advice: “Always be objective and honest about the capabilities of your products and systems. With every question you answer, your credibility (your personal brand) is on the line.”