Catie Truong Spotlight


Catie is a Project Architect at Level Architecture, and is involved in a variety of projects both local and across the country. Before obtaining her license, Catie wanted to gain experience in other interrelated aspects of the industry which led her to work in Construction and Development. After moving to Chicago, Catie worked for SCB and Booth Hansen worked on projects ranging from single family, to high-end multi family, to aviation projects.

It’s true you never forget your first - Catie shares that her most memorable project was her first, which was a new high school located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. She reflects that there was nothing particularly special about the school itself but says the experience that she gained from it was invaluable. For this project, she took the architect “hat” off and put the hardhat on and says she will never forget the valuable insight she learned in the field during this project. Catie feels that you can never know too much and you will also never know enough. This project definitely helped her fill up that knowledge bucket.

Catie joined CSI recently because of her interest in all facets of the industry. She thinks that CSI opens the door to a wealth of products and standards that are critical to the success of any construction project.

When she is not conquering buildings, Catie is an amateur cartoon artist. She is also a Colorado Native - Born & raised, and has 9 siblings.