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Want to grow your chapter, increase event attendance, AND add member value? The Dynamic Chapter Program, or DCP for short, can help. We designed this program to allow you to easily find answers, but also deep dive into topics in live sessions. DCP is a combination of online training, templates and checklists, and live Group Coaching sessions. 

Take advantage of the DCP today by diving into the training and make a plan to join the live calls. Bring your event, promo ideas and questions, if you have them, connect with fellow leaders and leave with solutions and answers. We can’t wait to see you on the next dynamic, learn-alongside-your-peers group coaching session. 


Upcoming DCP Sessions

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DCP in Action

Michigan's Going to Pot

Michigan passed a law to make pot legal for recreational use in November 2018, and the Metro Detroit Chapter decided to hop on that big news and do a program about it. Barely 90 days after the vote, they held a panel discussion to help members make money off the new law. When you are the first to bring the news customized to the AEC industry to your members and guests, it's easy to fill a room. 

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What Ghosts Are Lurking in Your Computer System?

The Nebraska chapter created a Halloween hook for their talk on cybersecurity. "When I shared the screen, you could hear an intake of breath and a few giggles," said Vincent Fallon. And that is exactly the kind of reaction you want to hear when you share your hooks for upcoming meetings--it means you got people's attention!

When you can double dip your hook, people enjoy the clever yet valuable frame and are more likely to check out what the heck your chapter is doing. Another DCP trick!

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