Microsites & Community Sites

Build and maintain your web presence quickly and easily with one of these two offerings, both connected to the National website. Key content syndicated from CSIResources.org means less updating you need to do and connecting to the CSI Upcoming Events calendar increases exposure of your events.

Use this page to determine if your chapter could use either an online community within the CSI National website, or a dedicated website (microsite) for your chapter. Details about costs and benefits are below.

If you have any questions or need additional details about the program, use the download on this page or contact the CSI component team.

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Chapter Community

$39 per month (paid annually)

A Community site may be all your chapter needs to help you communicate with your members and provide a place for your members to interact and share with one another. Each community site has its own Landing Page. This Landing Page provides access to the community features:

  • Chapter branding (logo and landing page header)
  • Discussion Forum
  • Resource Library/Shared Files
  • Announcements
  • Event List/Calendar
  • Chapter Directory

Sample Community

Chapter Microsite

$139 per month (paid annually)

Some Chapters have needs that will exceed the Community site and are best served by a Microsite.

  • A microsite is an individual website linked to a Chapter Community.
  • Microsites have the same functionality as Community sites but allow for more content and customization.
  • Microsites require that at least one Site Admin with HTML and CSS knowledge will be available for customization and maintenance of the site.

Because of the work needed to maintain a microsite, it is recommended that a chapter have at least 75 members to use the Microsite option.

Customized Microsite Example

Basic Microsite Example

Sample Microsite