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Did you know that launching and managing a website can be easy and affordable? With Billhighway, it can be.  

We hear it can be overwhelming for chapter leaders to launch and maintain a website, especially when they don’t have the know-how or bandwidth to handle the technical aspects.

Welcome to Billhighway Websites. It’s designed to provide CSI chapters and regions with a seamless, integrated experience. We understand each chapter is unique, so the website features a semi-customizable template enabling you to infuse the personality into the design while still staying true to CSI's branding guidelines.

You have the freedom to add additional content and pages to suit your chapter's needs. 

We believe that this platform will significantly enhance how you interact with, manage, and grow your chapter. We can't wait for you to experience it!

Here are examples of the two site templates:


Interested to see what managing the website is like? Check out this training video.  


  • Drag-and-drop site builder.
  • Semi-customizable template that adheres to CSI's brand standards.
  • Syndicated content from CSI’s website that ensures content is never outdated.
  • Content and pages that the chapter or region can add.
  • Mobile-responsive design.
  • Automatically integrates with Member Planet for efficient event management.
  • Chapter-member-specific directory.
  • Website hosting fee included.  $15 a month is the full fee to be charged.  
  • A domain name
    • For example:  
    • A chapter or region can purchase and upload its own custom domain name if it chooses. 
  • Integrates with Member Planet for efficient event management.
    • This means members and customers can engage with the chapter or region in one convenient location. 



$15 per month ($180 per year*) including hosting fee and domain.

The fee is assessed monthly via the chapter or region's Billhighway account at the beginning of the month.

*A one-year commitment is required


Billhighway Support


  • Billhighway is available for any questions and to provide support – at no additional cost
  • Online resource center (available within the MemberPlanet portal)
  • Online training video: Take a look today to get a feel for the website.  
  • Live walkthrough and Q&A twice weekly: Billhighway Ongoing Training

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