Friday, April 28 - Conference Day Two


6:30-9:00  |  Breakfast - Conference Check-In


Hotel Lobby

Conference Check-In

Pre-Function Space - 2nd Floor

8:00-12:30  |  Concrete Masonry Unit Production

Oldcastle Masonry Plant Tour

Speaker: Byard Stevens

This presentation/ tour covers how concrete masonry units are manufactured. It includes discussion about the types of aggregates that are used and how they affect the performance of the units together as a system for the following criteria: structural strength, fire resistance, moisture resistance, and aesthetic considerations. This presentation/ tour covers the quality control practices and procedures of manufactured concrete products that ensure the performance of the units meets/ exceeds the reference standards. It will also increase the participants understanding of how concrete masonry can contribute to the health safety and welfare of the occupants through its inherent performance characteristics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will gain a better understanding how different aggregates produce different densities of concrete and how this affects the structural strength of cmu.
  • Participants will gain a better understanding of the different densities of cmu and how each affects the overall fire resistance of cmu and the cmu wall system
  • Participants will gain a better understanding of the types of masonry units available & how they are manufactured assembled together in the finished wall system to provide the space for other necessary components like structural grout and rebar.
  • Participants will gain a better understanding of how the densities of concrete and admixtures used to produce cmu play a role in overall moisture resistance of cmu wall systems

8:00-9:00  |  Personal Branding in the Design Environment

Personal Branding in the Design Environment

Speaker: Brent Williams

In today’s ever accelerating digital environment, knowing how both your personal and business reputations translate onto the social platforms is more critical than ever. Almost every professional in the design and construction fields are chronically underpaid. You’re worth more, but you need to let the world know why, and that’s been difficult...until now. This seminar will teach you what a Personal Brand is, how to define your personal brand, how building a personal brand will increase your value to your employer and how moving your reputation into the digital is going to be critical as the economy continues to move increasingly into the digital domain.

Key Learning Points:

  • You will learn what is a Personal Brand and why is it important to your future.
  • You’ll be able to differentiate the professional perception between a logo and a brand.
  • You will learn how to develop your personal brand and effectively connect to your potential market.
  • You will learn how your Personal Brand can leverage both your career and firm’s relationship with their clients in the emerging connected marketplace.

9:00-9:10  |  Break


Pre-Function Space - 2nd Floor

9:10-10:10  |  Atlanta's Greenest Tiny Home

Atlanta's Greenest Tiny Home

Speakers: Kevin Shepherd, Christopher Shue

This presentation will breakdown the innovative systems and sustainable features utilized in Belter Tech’s tiny home project: “Atlanta’s Greenest Tiny City Home.” Materials, methods,, and systems will be discussed in terms of their properties and environmental impact. Additionally, various programs for green building certifications will be explained in reference to the tiny home, and future implications of the project will be explained as well.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about Belter Tech and their sustainability mission
  • Understand the building system and materials utilized in the project
  • Identify the numerous sustainable features and qualities of the project
  • Learn about various green building certifications and how they are applicable to such projects
  • Discuss future implications of the project

10:10-10:20  |  Break


Pre-Function Space - 2nd Floor

10:20-11:20  |  DEI Roundtable Discussion

DEI Roundtable Discussion

Speaker: Kenny McMann

Details Coming Soon!

11:20-11:30  |  Break


Pre-Function Space - 2nd Floor

11:30-12:30  |  Lunch Presentation

Get Naked! The Power of Authentic Relationships

Speaker: Holly Gotfredson

We are unique individuals – made up of thousands of stories and experiences over the course of our lives. How do we draw from and share our stories with others? How do we take lessons from experience and apply it to very different, even seemingly unrelated life facets?

We’ll explore the four most common causes of conflict, fear responses and how to change them, and four ways to earn others respect. We’ll discuss leading with empathy and authenticity, making a place for your team or co-workers to be vulnerable.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore types of behavior patterns that choose courage over comfort
  • Learn to identify the subconscious effect of loneliness on job performance and overall wellbeing.
  • Understand the importance of becoming intentional about building relationships, and fostering a sense of belonging
  • Uncover hidden expectations and live with an unarmored heart.
  • Change compartmentalizing our feelings to integrating.

12:30-12:45  |  Break


Pre-Function Space - 2nd Floor

12:45-5:00  |  Speed Networking

Speed Networking

15 minutes each with sponsors

12:45-2:45  |  Atrium Design & Wide Span Opening Protectives

Atrium Design & Wide Span Opening Protectives

Speaker: David Dodge

To understand the fundamental principles that govern the provisions of the International Building Code and NFPA regarding atriums, vertical spaces and openings through floor assemblies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the fundamental code requirements that regulate atrium design to include applicable referenced standards regarding appendage components.
  • Examine definitive provisions of the atrium to include required separation vertically and horizontally from the building structure.
  • Understand the regulatory standards governing the use and application of opening protectives in atrium separations.
  • Explore the myths and facts behind code compliance use of fire protective curtain assemblies.


  • Atrium - IBC, Section 404
  • Opening Protection - IBC, Section 716
  • UL 10B, 10C, 10D
  • Hose Stream
  • Time-Temperature Curve
  • Structural Floor Loads
  • Fire Resistance - IBC, Chapter 7
  • Fire Protection - IBC, Chapter 7
  • Fire Protection Curtain Assemblies - IBC, Section 716.4 (2021 Edition) Vertical Compartmentation
  • Smoke Control - IBC, Chapter 9, NFPA 92
  • Floor Opening Protection - IBC, Chapter 7
  • Roof Hatches & Access Doors - IBC, Section 712 • _NFPA 288 Facts vs Myths
  • Fire Protective Curtain Assemblies
  • Structural Floor Loads

Emily Carr University Case Study Building Code Summary

2:45-3:00  |  Break


Pre-Function Space - 2nd Floor

3:00-5:00  |  Accessibility Demons

Advanced Fair Housing vs. Accessibility Code

Speaker: Miguel Rodriguez

Most architects think they KNOW the ADA, but do they really? The nuances of accessible design require levels of exactitude that go well beyond the customary standards of the construction industry. This seminar will delve into those picky little requirements that are often missed and become barriers. More importantly, we will review tips and recommendations for preparing clear and well-defined documents for construction that will help mitigate those frequently found non-conformances.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the nuances of compliance with the requirements of the Florida Building Code
  • Review common reasons for non-compliance with requirements
  • Understand accessibility issues of concern in construction and how they apply in day-to-day settings
  • Develop techniques for addressing those concerns in documentation and mitigate non-compliances
  • Be able to apply this knowledge to your current work

5:00-6:00  |  Evening Reception

Evening Reception

Hotel Lobby

7:00-10:00  |  Southeast Region Awards Banquet