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    RECSI will host group study sessions for those interested in taking the Construction Document Technologist (CDT) Exam

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  • Ciao Marvin, Grazie per il link. ------------------------------ Ray Sanavandi RA, CSI, AIA, M. Arch Senior Architect Acworth GA ------------------------------

  • Grazie, il mio amico, Ray! Thank you for these wonderful resources. Are you also familiar with the resources available at the NPS (National Park Service) website? Here's one: https://www.nps.gov/tps/standards/treatment-guidelines-2017.pdf ...

  • You may want to consult these companies; they've got expertise in the restoration of artistic & historical cement artifacts. https://www.mondoartistica.it/prodotto/balaustra-birilli-monoblocco-in-cemento/ ...

  • Clifford: I have reached out to Sika and will also reach out to ICRI, International Concrete Repair Institute, especially Mr. Patrick J. Morrissey. Thanks so much for the leads. This will be ...

  • From the way you describe the materials it sounds like they used natural cement, not Portland or other manufactured hydraulic. The two best companies I know of that will match your look exactly while providing ...


Earning a CSI certification identifies individuals who have demonstrated a high level of skills, experience, and expertise within the commercial construction industry.





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