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Essential Editing Tips to Use in Your Essay Writing

The post-writing process is as important as the prewriting process or the writing itself. We have the natural tendency to hand in our essay— exhausted and wanting to get done with it— with little to no post writing work done upon it. Essay writer who submit their essays right after the writing process end up getting grades that don’t match their essay potential and all the hard work they put in during the prewriting phase. 

Types of editing

There are two types of editing done on the essay.

  • Structural editing: Here the writing is checked for its structural integrity, logical reasoning, and uniformity.
  • Copy editing: Here the writing is checked on the sentence level, which includes checking for clarity and brevity, grammar, formality, etc.
  • their importance and come up with various ideas, arguments, and points for each paragraph to discuss and systematically cover the whole topic and tackle the main thesis. 
  • PEELing the paragraph structure
  • Each paragraph should follow a structure itself to make it whole. The best way to understand this structure is by analyzing the components that make the write essay for me. The acronym ‘P.E.E.L’ defines these parts of the paragraph: Point, Evidence, Explain, and Link.
  • Point
  • The paragraphs should introduce the main point, idea, or argument that it will tackle, support, and explore in the rest of the paragraph. This point will help the readers understand the part of the main thesis. Only a few writers place the point of the paragraph, later in the text, most writers present it first and foremost, to help the readers orient themselves. 

Descriptive language

The language should be rich in the description such that the reader can picture the scene and the characters within vividly. The use of great vocabulary combined with a good imagination will take you a long way in narrative writing. Make sure that you invoke in the reader’s mind all of the senses including the much-neglected sense of touch, smell, and taste. 

Speech and dialogue

Your write my essay won’t be complete if there is no speech and dialogues going on between the characters. Try to take the story forward through the dialogue instead of adding them for the sake of it. This will also encourage you to stop dictating the event and let the characters show it for you. Dialogues also help break the monotony of the story and help the story feel more realistic. 


The use of a single form of tense throughout the essay is important as it shows the narrative in a timeline and avoids confusing the reader. Though you can branch out into a digression during the story when you come back stick to the narration of the main storyline. 

During this, you ask how the information came to be about and why does it work or is used. This can be applied to the arguments made and the evidence produced. This allows for generating new points of view and concluding upon synthesized information.

Spend most of the time reviewing the essay

The writing method in your college education concerns itself about perfecting the reasoning and content of the essay. A college student knows that the essay will be bound to go under several changes from the first draft to the final project. They, therefore, don’t concern themselves about perfecting the essay the first time they write it.

Their first draft is mostly filling in the information into an outline they have created for themselves. During the initial stages hardly any thought is given to the sentence level corrections. Instead, all the attention is focused on getting coherence and unity in the discussion and using the best evidence and arguments to support your thesis.

Most of the time will be spent reviewing your initial drafts until you fashion your essay typer into a complete and comprehensive thought.

Process the feedback

Processing the feedback improves your writing manifold. You get to know what you need to change in your writing to further improve upon it, while also telling the mistakes that you have a habit of making over and over again.

You can discuss with your instructor in detail about the feedback you are given. Through the discussion, you can make changes and grow as a writer and a thinker.

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