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CSI membership is a must for any professional involved in designing, supplying, building, negotiating, planning, contracting or any other function in the construction-building industry. Membership gives you a wealth of benefits, including construction industry news and resources, standards and formats, networking opportunities, webinars, events, member discounts, and the opportunity to join CSI chapters where you live, work or travel.

Member Types

  • Professional: You are a technically experienced individual whose primary function is to author, manage or communicate building information; to create, interpret or use construction documents; or to educate, support, or assist the construction industry.  (Annual national dues:  $275)

  • Emerging Professional: You are an individual who has less than three years experience in any construction-related field and are a prospective Professional member. (Annual national dues:  $150)

  • Student: You are a full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in a construction industry curriculum at an educational institution.  (Annual national dues:  $50)

CSI Puget Sound Chapter Membership

Why join CSI?

You should be a member of CSI if you're an architect, a specifier, a product representative, a contractor, or any other kind of construction professional, and you want to know more than your piece of a project. CSI members have an in-depth understanding of construction because what they know goes beyond their job. They spend time with professionals from other fields and learn how they fit with the rest of the building team. They are experts in the process of identifying real-world building product solutions, communicating those solutions in construction documents, and ensuring that all the members of the construction team are building the facility the owner wants and is paying for. Their employers benefit from their ability to see everyone's role in a project, and because CSI members can deliver.

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Joining CSI

Membership in the CSI national organization is a prerequisite for Chapter membership (although you can sign up for both at the same time). Your annual dues are the total of your national dues and your chapter dues.

You must have an account with CSI and be signed into the website to submit your application for membership.  Click or tap the button below to get started.

Questions? Contact CSI at or 800-689-2900 (M-F, 8AM-8PM, ET).

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