Puget Sound C.S.I. Memorial Foundation

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Puget Sound C.S.I. Memorial Foundation, a Washington State non-profit corporation established in 2007, purpose is to provide scholarships, fellowships, and grants to promote educational programs serving the interest of the Puget Sound Chapter (PSC) of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), the construction industry, and related endeavors, which support the objectives of CSI. The Foundation is administered by a volunteer board composed of willing Past Presidents of the Puget Sound Chapter.

Any individual or organization can contribute tax deductible donations to the Foundation (a 501(c)3). See the PSC Education video sponsored by the Foundation.  For more information or questions please contact:

President - David Huffman, retired Architect; david@3huffys.com; 206-850-4646.        

Donations in the past have been used for scholarship awards to candidates selected on the basis of recommendations by the Foundation Board and by Puget Sound Chapter CSI members. The Foundation is always interested in your fund-raising ideas and financial support to promote the Foundations objectives.

Send donations to:

Puget Sound C. S. I. Memorial Foundation, P O Box 82062, Kenmore, WA 98028