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In 1948, The Construction Specifications Institute was founded to address the need for common systems of presenting and organizing construction documents.  You should be in CSI if you're an architect, a specifier, a product representative, a contractor, or any other kind of construction professional, and you want to know more than your piece of a project. CSI members have an in-depth understanding of construction because what they know goes beyond their job. They spend time with professionals from other fields and learn how they fit with the rest of the building team. They are experts in the process of identifying real-world building product solutions, communicating those solutions in construction documents, and ensuring that all the members of the construction team are building the facility the owner wants and is paying for. Their employers benefit from their ability to see everyone's role in a project, and because CSI members can deliver on time and on budget.  For information about how Puget Sound Chapter is connected to the Institute, click HERE.

region groups

CSI organizes the chapters into regions of the country.  Our Puget Sound Chapter is in the Northwest Region which includes 8 chapters total in these states: WA, OR, and ID.  For more information about the NW Region Community, click HERE.

our local chapter

The Puget Sound Chapter of CSI, established in 1958, has active members from Bellingham to Tacoma and consists of architects, product and manufacturer representatives, design professionals, specifiers, engineers, contractors, and other representatives from all disciplines of the construction industry.  For contact information about our Chapter, click HERE.

2019-2020 AWARDS

If you missed our December 2020 meeting, you missed an extremely entertaining party and, just as importantly, the chance to recognize some outstanding chapter members who have greatly contributed to our chapter. Many thanks to the following!

Chapter Coordination Award: Awarded to a trade association, trade union, contractor association, professional association or an individual firm, for exceptional liaison work with the Chapter, or for outstanding support of the Chapter’s objectives.

·      Awarded to: SeaBEC. Thank you for letting us in to understanding the way your organization and Board operates so we could use what we learned when we formed our structure.

Chapter Citation Award: Bestowed on an individual who has rendered distinguished service to the Chapter in advancement of the Chapter’s technical program, or who has shown distinguished accomplishment in the field of technical research or education.

·        Awarded to: Julie Taylor, Integrus Architecture

David E. Thomas FCSI Award: Awarded to an Industry member of the Chapter who has rendered distinguished service to the Chapter in the advancement of its objectives or in its administration.

·        Awarded to: Erika Anderson, Anderson Specialties

Donald H. Schuman Award: Awarded to a member of the chapter who has made a substantial impact on our membership.

·        Awarded to: Susan Williams, PPG

Hugh S. Hallet Award: The highest award the chapter can bestow on an individual with the exception of Honorary Membership. It is awarded to an individual, excluding members of the Chapter Staff, who has rendered distinguished service to the Chapter in the advancement of its objectives or in its administration.

·        Awarded to: Dick Owen, Retired

President’s Certificate of Appreciation Award: “Fezzik’s Fist” – for being dependable, always available to pitch in where needed, and efficiently got the job done.

·        Awarded to: Wick Temple, Hafele America

President’s Certificate of Appreciation Award: “Montoya’s Vengeance” – for bringing down the hammer and saving our chapter.

·        Awarded to: Justin Bise, MG2

President’s Certificate of Appreciation Award: “The Brute Squad” – to the two people who created the structure of our entire organization from the ground up and without whom it would have fallen apart.

·        Awarded to: Mary Ann Akemi Shepherd

·        Awarded to: Lia Alia Wollard

Nov 2020 CSI Award for the 2019-2020 year:

Puget Sound Chapter Presidents