Advertising & Sponsors

PSCCSI Advertising Conditions

Provide Ads in PNG, JPG, or GIF format; no EPS.

Provide head-shot, horizontal company logo, and associated text by the 15th of the month before to be published.

Allow Ads to be assembled by PSC Communications & Marketing Committee who will provide a proof of the Ad prior to publish.

Pay appropriate fee in advance.


Spectrum e-Newsletter Advertising Rates

Spectrum e-Newsletter Sponsor:                 400 x 250 pixels           $250/month

Chapter Meeting (in person or online):

        Sponsor:                                                 400 x 250 pixels           $150/month

        Happy-hour Highlight (Product):          kickoff presentation     $100/meeting

President’s Message Sponsor:                     400 x 250 pixels           $150/month

Quarterly Product Spotlight:                         550 x 400 pixels           $450/quarter

        3 months run with opportunity for monthly revision


Website Advertising Rates

Spectrum e-Newsletter advertisements may be duplicated on the Chapter website by paying the following kickers:

Monthly:       $100 kicker payment to the above monthly commitment.

Quarterly:     $300 kicker payment to the above monthly commitment.

Logo Only:    $TBD not associated with Spectrum e-Newsletter Ad.



Wick Temple, Communications and Marketing Chair

Justin Bise, PROSPEC Chair