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Complete Guide To Help You Write A Personal Statement

Essays as a writing task are most common in academics where students are asked to write essays of various types and on various subjects. With higher grades, the essays tend to get lengthier and complex in their writing as well as their content. Paper writing service is not only used as a means to improve the analytical and critical thinking skills of the students but also is used to test the students’ understanding of the course material in various disciplines and subjects ranging from the subjects of arts to that of sciences. 

In order to write an essay, a student needs to understand the task, develop ideas, collect information, form intelligible connections and arguments, and deliver them through formal writing.

Understanding the essay task

The essay begins by scrutinizing the essay prompt and noting down the task words and the subject matter mentioned in the prompt. The subject parameters help us narrow down the subject matter, and the task words indicate the type of writing that the essay writer is tasked to produce, such as:

  • Descriptive writing
  • Analytical writing
  • Evaluative writing 
  • Critical writing 

Brainstorming into the subject matter


The introduction, in turn, will have three discernable parts:

  • Hook: The hook will be an exciting statement, a thoughtful quote, or some snarly statistic to help raise interest in the reader about the topic.
  • Background Information: The middle part of the introduction will hold information about the subject in general.
  • Thesis statement: Will contain your main claim or argument and how you are planning to support, defend, or hold it in the essay. 

Body paragraph

Each body paragraph will have four to five parts depending on the essay.

  • Topic Sentence: The idea or claim each body paragraph will take on in the paragraph.
  • Details: Detailed explanation about the claim, idea, or proposal.
  • Evidence and examples for support.
  • Warrant: How it connects to the main thesis


The conclusion will just reproduce the main points of the write my paper in light of the thesis. The topic sentences and the thesis statement alone can make up the conclusion. You don’t add new information in the conclusion but add a final thought at the end to close the essay.

  • Exposition: The exposition of the essay is much like the introduction. Here you will explain the scene, the setting, and introduce the characters. This will give all the background information needed for your reader to follow the story and its character.
  • Incident: The incident will be where the story will pick from. The incident will indicate a turn of events and allow your characters to come into action as they face the problem or the situation. 
  • Rising Action: The rising action will define the interplay of the characters, with the scenario and with each other. This will give you a great way to explore the character especially the protagonist or/and the antagonist.
  • Zenith: The peak will be the point that the development will influence. The development can't yield constantly, as there will be a point in the story where the correspondence will accomplish the character's idea or against him/her by college essay examples. Where the headway cuts off will be the highest point.
  • Falling action:  Following the after match of the outcome after the climax, either positive or negative, the characters will be shown in the light of their interaction with the outcome of their efforts. The action and the interactions will eventually die down as they come to terms with it.


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