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My favorite scene in Ted Lasso is when he says while throwing excellent bar darts: “Be Curious”. I strive to use my curious nature to research, learn and grow to always stay on top of the latest and most beneficial, cost effective and quality-driven products, materials, and design techniques.

I come from a project architect background and have accomplished design and execution of beautiful buildings and spaces of many different types and sizes.

I truly believe that Specification Writers are “Designers” too! We work with ID and ED to get their design envisions executed with beautiful materials that have the effect of delivering a quality, long-lasting product for the Owner at a price that they and the Contractor can afford. My approach is to always “partner” with the client, the Design Team, the AHJ and the GC. We’re all in this together.

As part of the Architectural Design Team, I always take pride in being a good listener and have also enjoyed performing Construction Administration on many projects.

I love getting outdoors and doing activities with my family. In winter, I love to downhill ski, especially out west in the Rockies when my family can afford to “get away”. I love to get up to our family cabin on a lake up north, mostly in the summer to do “projects” and water sports.

I also love music – all kinds really. I love live music concerts, and other forms of Art (plays, museums, etc.)

I collect bottle openers as a hobby. Ask me to show you some of my “stranger” or more unique ones sometime.

I’m an avid spectator of all professional sports, but especially the NFL.