President's Message

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Hello and thank you for your interest in the CSI Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter.

Wow! How about Tropical Minnesota? So much for snow storms and shovels and snow blowers! Phew, I’m so glad that’s over (heatwave too). Enough about the weather. I know many of you have heard me say how much I have enjoyed this year as president of the chapter. It’s been a great year and I’ve got to tell you it went by really fast, looking back maybe just a little too fast. It was a year of accomplishments. As you are reading this letter, we have upgraded our website and reading this message on it. We were looking for a simple-to-use site, with a broadly appealing look. As we move ahead we’ll be able to add new features with relative simplicity. It’ll be great for you advertisers out there. 

Your ads will be prominent and easy to identify. Your Board of Directors (BOD) researched, discussed; researched some more and interviewed experts in the industry in order to arrive where we are today. I congratulate the BOD for their thoughtful deliberations in order to serve their chapter best. I want to thank the Communications Committee, particularly Jerry Putnam for his commitment to making the new site work, once the choice was made. Keith Pashina, we thank you for your work on this as well, and special thanks to Shelby Laramy and Madison Silva at IntrinXec.

As for the many events that happen during the year, our programs were very fulfilling and had something for everyone. I want to particularly add the social event by the StEP (Student and Emerging Professionals) Committee that occurred this winter. One of those very simple but very enjoyable experiences. It was a bowling night, I know I haven’t been to one of those in years and yet it was a blast. The food was good but simple and it was just a few hours of fun during an otherwise long winter. Nothing wrong with that! Keep your eyes open for these opportunities next year! I will never forget the generosity of our members for their contributions for the Toys-for-Tots campaign. Thanks to everyone! The Awards Banquet this year was fantastic. It was well attended but I wish even more of you had had the ability to attend. The experience of the Wabasha Street Caves was awesome. The comradery, our friendships forged through this organization should never be overlooked. I have many friends at many different levels, as we all do, but there’s something special about all of us getting together a few times each year that makes me appreciate my membership in our chapter. Interesting isn’t it, we are colleagues, customers, vendors and even competitors, brought together by this trade association for what certainly is the common good. Also, serving the common good is the new program called GAP. This mentorship program for young architectural professionals has a goal of establishing a pipeline for future specification writers in our industry. This will be of great service to the architectural community as well as all of you vendors out there. Without specification writers, vendors’ jobs become a lot more complicated. Special thanks to Susan Lee, Cynthia Long and Gerhard Guth for their efforts in forming this new venture.

One more word about BIG events. The 60th Anniversary celebration is just a few months away and the planning continues. Don’t forget to put this on your calendar: September 20, 2018 at the Midland Hill Country Club in Roseville! A wonderful evening is planned and more to come throughout the summer. There are still sponsorship opportunities available as well, so keep your eyes open for announcements coming in the near future! Well friends, participation is the real test of membership, if you show up at a monthly meeting or a social event, then in my book you are involved and have made a contribution, thanks for that. So many of you that have served as well, with your volunteerism shining through. Where would we be without our Sponsor/Partners? We cannot thank them enough.

Next time you are at an event, stick out your hand and offer thanks to a sponsor, they deserve our gratitude. For all Minneapolis/St. Paul CSI Chapter members I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me serve as your president this year. I’ll never forget it!!


Andy Garner || CSI, CDT
Soon to be Immediate Past President
CSI Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter