Chapter Awards

Congratulations to the 2020/21 CSI-MSP Awards Recipients!

MSP Chapter members recognized at the North Central Region Awards:

  • Jerry Putnam, FCSI received the Gary Betts Memorial Award for distinguished service and leadership to the North Central Region
  • Susan Lee, CSI, CDT, CID, NCARB received the Special Publication Commendation in recognition of leadership and success in transitioning the chapter directory to digital format

The following are our 2021 Chapter Award Recipients:

Peter Norum Continuous Service Award

James Bergevin: For five years or more of significant and continuous service to the Chapter.

The Griffith Award
Chris Anderson: For outstanding contributions to the mission of the Minneapolis-St Paul Chapter of CSI.

Principal’s Award
Kline Johnson: Awarded to a firm for enthusiastic support of the Chapter and its goals and principles as evidenced by a generous commitment of personnel, time, services and/or facilities.

Sheldon Wolfe Communication Award
Susan Lee: For excellence in communicating the messages of CSI through written word, speech or technology.

The Rick Nichols GEM Award:
Dylan Johnson: In gratitude and recognition of your outstanding and enthusiastic support of the chapter and commitment to CSI.

Education Certificate awarded for the advancement of the mission of the Chapter and Institute to understand and execute Construction Documents:

  • Patrick O'Neal
  • Gerhard Guth
  • Jerrilyn O'Brien

President’s Certificates Awarded to:

  • Susan Lee, “for providing passion and leadership to the CSI Chapter regarding membership and students.”
  • Chris Anderson, “for excellent leadership and extraordinary effort on the Programs Committee to provide CSI outstanding Programs.”
  • Andy Marolt “providing outstanding leadership on the communications committee.”
  • Dylan Johnson, “for reenergizing our social media platforms and going above and beyond on the communications committee.”
  • Mark McPherson, “for being a rock during these difficult times and always providing excellent insight to the board and CSI as a whole.”
  • James Bergevin, ”for providing unparalleled support to my Presidency and CSI, frankly I could not have done it without him.”
  • Nancy Gulliford, “for working diligently on the Programs Committee to provide outstanding programs for CSI each month.”

Certificates of Appreciation Awarded to:

  • Gerhard Guth, for his leadership in providing the chapter and region with opportunities to be prepared for the CDT exam
  • Dylan Johnson, for his leadership in moving chapter communications into the digital space
  • Andy Marolt, for his inspiration and guidance to open Chapter communications to the digital space
  • Kathrine Barrett, for her leadership with the new Face to Face event

Chapter Service Awards: Awarded to recognize our outgoing Board of Directors members to show our appreciation for their service.

  • Mark McPherson, exiting Chapter Vice President
  • Brien DuRoche, exiting Chapter Vice President
  • Nancy Gulliford, exiting Chapter Vice President
  • Adrienne Rausch, exiting Chapter Treasurer
  • Tohnya Adams, exiting President Elect
  • James Bergevin, exiting Immediate Past President

The Minneapolis-St Paul Chapter President’s Award: Awarded to recognize our outgoing Chapter President to show our appreciation for their service.
Dave Rassmussen, Immediate Past Chapter President

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