Chapter Awards 19-20

Congratulations to the 2019/20 CSI MSP Awards Recipients!

Our Minneapolis St Paul Chapter has been recognized by the Institute with the Outstanding Chapter Commendation for 2020 and by the North Central Region for the NCR Cooperation Award (awarded jointly to the CSI MSP Chapter and MN Building Enclosure Council).

In addition, 2 of our members were honored individually by the North Central Region:

  • Kermit Duncan, FCSI, CCCA, AIA, NCARB received the Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service to the Institute or to the Region
  • Jon Papke, FSCI, CCS, CDT, AIA received the Gary Betts Memorial Award for distinguished service and leadership to the North Central Region

The following are our 2020 Chapter Award Recipients:

John C. Anderson Award of Excellence
Gary Patrick, CSI, AIA, IIBEC: For contributions to the Chapter, Region and/or Institute which have set standards of excellence and dedicated service for an extended period of time.

Audrey M Brucker Courage Award
Adrianne Rulseh, CSI: For demonstrating extraordinary courage in the face of personal challenges, while maintaining a commitment to CSI, the construction industry and the community.

Peter Norum Continuous Service Award
Ryan Hallesy, CSI: For five years or more of significant and continuous service to the Chapter.

The Griffith Award
Jerry Putnam, FSCI, CCS, CDT: For outstanding contributions to the mission of the Minneapolis-St Paul Chapter of CSI.

Principal’s Award
MG McGrath: Awarded to a firm for enthusiastic support of the Chapter and its goals and principles as evidenced by a generous commitment of personnel, time, services and/or facilities.

Rebecca L Foss Environmental Award
MSR Design for the MSR Office Building: In recognition of projects and contractors which incorporate environmentally sensitive products and promote waste recycling and other innovative environmental aspects into the construction process.

Sheldon Wolfe Communication Award
Dylan Johnson, CSI-EP: For excellence in communicating the messages of CSI through written word, speech or technology.

GEM Award:
Rebecca Hrobak: In gratitude and recognition of your outstanding and enthusiastic support of the chapter and commitment to CSI.

Education Certificate Awarded to:
The Certification Committee: For advancement of the mission of the Chapter and Institute to understand and execute Construction Documents.

President’s Certificates Awarded to:

  • Mark McPherson, “For his commitment to detail in the interest of the Board and the Chapter.  Mark has been my “Trusted Advisor.”
  • Susan Lee, “For her amazing behind the scenes contributions on multiple committees; including CEU reporting to AIA, and her Directory Spot initiative that allows members easy access to each other from their smart devices.”
  • Gerhard Guth, “For his commitment to fulfill one of the core missions of educating the specifier through CDT instruction, opportunity and example.  During the pandemic, Gerhard continued the CSR course offered by our chapter without interruption.”
  • Cynthia Long, CSI, CDT, “For your leadership to challenge and inspire the growth of our CSI MSP Chapter.”
  • Gary Patrick, “For his daily example of the office of President. Gary was the first person I met in CSI and has always served as my example of what the President should be.”
  • Mike Buchner, “For his encouragement and optimism of the role of President.  Mike has been with me all the way through my term and helped me navigate the role of President.
  • Andy Garner, “For his commitment to the service of the board and the role of the President.  He was the first to ask me to take the position of President and has been my cornerstone.”

Certificates of Appreciation Awarded to:

  • Ryan Hallesy, “For his commitment and leadership to assure the Chapter’s premier event was conducted in a safe and enjoyable manner under challenging circumstances brought by Covid-19.”
  • Jerrilyn O’Brien, “For her support to assure our CDT students received the very best preparation under very challenging circumstances of Covid-19.”
  • Dylan Johnson, “As the new Chair of Communications he inspired new innovative solutions to keep all members connected under the most difficult of circumstances.”
  • Susan Lee, “As the new Chair of Membership her leadership inspired new ways to welcome new members into the CSI community under unprecedented distancing due to Covid-19.”
  • Rebecca Hrobak, “As the new Chair of Awards, she continued to lead the recognition of all those who gave so much to the Chapter in the midst of a pandemic.”
  • Gerhard Guth, “As the new Certifications Chair, he led a seamless transition from in-person to online learning without interruption in the wake of the pandemic.”
  • Brien DeRoche, “As the new Chair of Programs, he assured the schedule of programs continued safely when faced with restrictions imposed due to Covid-19.”
  • Hannah Fleischaker, “As the Chair of the STEP Committee, she maintained our Chapter’s connection with the students of Dunwoody in the new normal brought about by Covid 19.”

Chapter Service Awards: Awarded to recognize our outgoing Board of Directors members to show our appreciation for their service.

  • Kevin Slattery, CSI, exiting Chapter Vice President
  • Andy Marolt, CSI, CCS, CDT, APA, LEED AP, exiting Chapter Vice President
  • Tohnya Adams, CSI, exiting Chapter Secretary
  • Dave Rassmussen, CSI, exiting President Elect
  • Cynthia Long, CSI, CDT, exiting Immediate Past President

The Minneapolis-St Paul Chapter President’s Award: Awarded to recognize our outgoing Chapter President to show our appreciation for their service.
James Bergevin, CSI, CCPR, CDT, Immediate Past Chapter President

If you'd like to watch a recording of the 2019-20 MSP Chapter Awards Program, which was held via Zoom on December 3, 2020, click here!

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