PROSPEC 2022 Seminar

Seminar - Mass Timber Demystified

Brock Commons - Tallwood House

Point Grey Campus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mass Timber Photo credit – Seagate Structures


Join industry experts Duane Palibroda, Eloise Allsop and Joseph Mayo as they journey through the latest industry insights on all things mass timber. The presentation will discuss hot topics such as the latest code updates across North America, sustainability trends and innovative structural systems. Participants will leave the talk with a good understanding of mass timber products, key code insights and the current state of the industry. Total time: 1hr 15 mins (including 20 mins for questions).  AIA CEU to be offered,


Eloise Allsop:

Eloise is the office lead at Fast + Epp’s Seattle office. She has a passion for creative design and on point detailing. Since joining Fast + Epp, Eloise has worked on a variety of large mass timber projects in the USA including INTRO Cleveland and the Walmart Home Office. Eloise’s experience includes transportation, commercial and cultural sectors and she is now exploring design for disassembly concepts on projects with Fast + Epp’s growing sustainability team.

Alongside building a diverse portfolio, Eloise has always been a strong advocate for women throughout her career, including her efforts to organize town halls with leaders in the AEC community, lead grass-roots movements on equal pay, and form a zine for women to share experiences and ideas.

Joe Mayo:

Joe Mayo has been an advocate for mass timber for over a decade. A Seattle architect at Mahlum, he is author of the 2015 book Solid Wood: Mass Timber Architecture, Technology and Design. He’s worked on a half dozen completed mass timber projects, including the first installation of U.S. produced CLT in the country at the Richard Woodcock Education Center, and the first use of CLT in a Washington K-12 school.

An advocate for the use of low-carbon design, Joe has worked with Seattle’s Department of Construction and Forterra on how timber design can transcend building codes. Partnering with AIA WA Council and Forterra, he worked to secure a state-wide building code change proposal to allow a greater use of mass timber in Washington. In 2018 and 2019 he was on teams that were awarded a Wood Innovation Grant from the U.S. Forest Service. He currently is co-chair of the AIA Seattle Mass Timber Committee.