PROSPEC 2024 Seminar


Seminar Speaker: Behrooz emam


Behrooz (Ben) Emam is a registered architect, a professional engineer, and a certified facility manager, with over thirty years of experience in architecture and structural engineering, emergency preparedness, and facilities management. He has master’s degrees in architecture and civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 
Ben was previously the Manager of Civil & Structural Group at AWS and Senior Manager – EU RE Design and Construction for Amazon Fulfillment Operations in Luxembourg. Before joining Amazon for a second time, Ben was the Assistant Vice President and Senior Engineering Manager – Construction Services with Parsons Brinckerhoff. 
Ben was a 25-year adjunct faculty member of the University of Washington, Department of Construction Management. He regularly taught classes in Construction and Facilities Management and conducted seminars on seismic preparedness and disaster planning. Ben was building inspection volunteer after the San Francisco (Loma Prieta), Los Angeles (Northridge), Seattle (Nisqually), Porto Rico earthquakes, and the recipient of the Seattle AIA 2001 - Community Service Award.

Seminar Topic: 

Understanding and Learning from Disasters
Climate change has increased the intensity and frequency of disasters in recent years.  Given steady pressure on developable land, the human population is increasingly settling areas vulnerable to disaster risk.  How we learn from recent past disasters, prepare, and respond to future disasters is the subject of this presentation:
·        Defining the impact of disasters on the built environment
·        Reviewing the causes of damage
·        Reviewing the impact of recent disasters
·        Post-disaster response
·        How to be prepared for future disasters  

AIA CEU Credits likely.