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Understanding the Importance of Critical Analysis Essay


There are different types of essay writing, and each piece has great unique importance. Sometimes, it becomes harder for students to differentiate two academic writing types as a thin line determines such essays from each other. In this article, we will highlight the concept of reflective essay writing and narrative essay so that students at the initial stage of essay writing should not mingle the idea of both write my essay pieces.

Before we present the differences between both particular essays, students must understand that they cannot survive their academic degree program without learning academic writing. When a student does not have sufficient knowledge of essay writing skills, it thinks how I can write my essay for me in an extraordinary way. It becomes a catch-22 situation when a student gets stuck in the middle while creating a more extended writing piece. 


Academic writing is vast as it covers all topics ranging from science subjects to art subjects. It is also expedient mentioning here that learning the skills of academic writing does not involve rocket science. All it demands is motivation and dedication for students to create a handy writing piece. 

Before we highlight the differences between reflective and narrative essay writing, respectively, students need to understand both essays' demands


 It is an academic writing genre that demands an essay writer to reflect its personality by creating a comprehensive writing piece. A term paper writing service has to recall an event or series of events that have a significant impact on its life positively or negatively. This essay's primary watchword is to explore your personality and reflect it in the essay. 

It is the utmost responsibility of a scribbler to categorically tell the readers how it reacted to a particular situation. What were its consequences, and how a person handled that situation? Besides, the author must share it with the targeted audience on how that particular incident changed its cognitive behavior. In short, this essay assists a person in analyzing its mental growth and how it evolves from one situation to another situation. 


It is another type of academic writing. In this essay, an essay composed must recall personal experiences and share it with the readers. It is also referred to as story-telling. However, it is not merely telling a story; rather, it is way more than that. 

A writer is bound to narrate an event it had experienced in its past in chronological order in a narrative writing piece. Involving sensory details and drawing a moving picture of the scene is compulsory for graduate paper writing service. The writer must conclude the event in such a way as it must be open for discussions so that the readers can give their opinions regarding a particular situation. 


In a reflective essay, a writer is bound to share past experiences in such a way as the readers can judge the mental abilities. In a narrative essay, no such judgment is required.

  1. A reflective essay does not demand a scribbler to involve the sensory details in the text. However, doing is compulsory in narrative essay writing.
  2. In a reflective writing piece, the students get the flexibility of explaining the entire essay randomly. However, in a narrative essay, all the events should be highlighted in chronological order.
  3. The readers simply judge the mental abilities and growth of a scribbler in a reflective writing piece. However, in a narrative essay, the discussion remains open for the readers to participate in.

Students must understand the differences between both essays. Both essay types look the same. However, the purpose, aim, and significance of both writing pieces are different from each other. 


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