President's Message

President's Message
January 2020

As I review the activities of Sacramento CSI during my two terms as President, I see much progress.

Over the past several years CSI at the Institute level has gone through a number of significant changes under our new Executive Director, Mark Dorsey, CAE, FASAE. Concurrently the Sacramento Chapter has had to reconfigure itself to a smaller footprint, but has developed several new and innovative programs that are reflected as shown under the Events tab.

 The most significant programs are:

  • Project Delivery Education Program (PDEP) which is a live 10-week education program organized by CSI West Region to present the materials in CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide and CDT program. It is available to firms for presentation online to their staff in their own conference rooms. The PDEP program will also be presented at a designated Chapter site for individual Chapter Members and others who wish to prepare to take the CDT certification exam.
  • CSI/AIACV Discussion Forum is a bi-weekly panel program of a broad range of topics of interest to the construction community, primarily focusing on construction documentation and project administration issues.
  • The Chapter has purchased the entire library of CSI publications, which will be made available to any member as PDFs upon request.
  • The Chapter has established an Outreach Program to collaborate with adjacent chapters, colleges and universities, and other professional associations, to expand the visibility of the Chapter within the construction community in the Sacramento and Central Valley areas.

These and regular chapter educational meetings and special events are on the calendar for the remainder of Fiscal Year 20.  Your participation is vital to the success of these activities, so please sign up, show up, and volunteer to help as we move forward with this ambitious effort to keep Sacramento CSI active and relevant to the construction community.

Kerin (Dane) Dodd-Hansen, RA, FCSI, CCS, SCIP
Sacramento Chapter