History of Indianapolis Chapter


by: Fran E. Schroeder, FCSI, Chapter Historian 

On a hot Wednesday, August 1, 1960, a small group of seven determined individuals met at the Construction League for the expressed purpose of organizing a Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute of Indianapolis. This team consisted of Charles E. Edmonds, John C. Fleck, John B. Price, Harry I. Reynolds, Fran E. Schroeder, Donald A. Stackhouse, and Charles A. Weaver. 

The die was cast at that initial meeting. Subsequent planning meetings were held at the Construction League on September 28 and October 20. During these times the story went out and potential members were solicited for the Charter Class. The first informational meeting was held at the Mandarin Inn on November 17 and a final Charter Class meeting was held at the Mandarin Inn December 15. Mr. J. Stewart Stein, Past President of the Institute, attended this meeting and charged the attendance with exemplary enthusiasm for success in our venture. Final commitment to apply for a Charter was made at that time. Harry Reynolds accepted the title of temporary Chairman and Charles Weaver became temporary Secretary. 

Subsequent meetings were held at Ray's Steak House on January 12 & 19, 1961 to form the By-Laws for the Chapter. Another meeting was held on January 26 to establish the first Board of Directors and the presiding officers for the initial year. They were: 

President: John Fleck 
Vice President: Fran Schroeder 
Secretary: Charles Weaver
Treasurer: Charles Edmonds 
Director: Harry Reynolds 
Director: John Price 
Director: Don Stackhouse 

The Charter was presented to the Chapter Board on February 8, 1961 and to the Chapter membership by J. Stewart Stein on February 16, 1961 at Ray's Steak House. From then on the Indianapolis Chapter was off and running.