Leadership Training

​Click on your appropriate office or committee below (click PPTX for PowerPoint file or PDF for PDF file) to find a tutorial about the workings of your position. Both Region and Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs are included below.

This is meant to be a living document and can be used as a guide. There are speaker notes to explain the meaning of each slide.

Our purpose is to provide solid instruction of the expectations and implementation of the position to reduce the learning curve and make your year more productive and enjoyable.

Our goal in the Great Lakes Region is to constantly challenge and improve CSI.

Additional information can be added and or requested by contacting csigreatlakesregion@gmail.com

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Officer Training

Issue Date PPTX PDF
Region President & Pres. Elect 2021
Chapter President & Pres. Elect 2021
Region Treasurer 2019
Chapter Secretary 2019
Chapter Secretary Training Manual 2019
Chapter Director 2021

Certification Training

In an effort to help our chapters with more certification detail, we have attached the following tools developed by the Indianapolis Chapter to help you prepare for your exams.

Issue Date PPTX PDF
Certification Presentation 2018
Certification Game Show 2014

Committee Training

Issue Date PPTX PDF
Chapter Education Chair  2018
Starting a Student Affiliate 2021
Chapter Certification Chair 2017
Chapter Programs Chair 2021
Region Awards Chair 2019
Chapter Trade Show Chair 2021