Meet the Board

FY2019 Region Officers

President: Edmund Brown, CSI, CCCA | Indianapolis, IN | Email

President-elect: Michael Rathburn, CSI | Columbus, OH | Email

Vice President: David Fryman, CSI-EP | Marion, IN | 317.604.3807 | Email

Vice President: Scott Mitchell Taylor, CSI | Cleveland, OH | 216.870.1970 | Email

Treasurer: Gary Beimers, CSI | Grand Rapids, MI | Email

Secretary: Gregg Jones, CSI, CCS | Kalamazoo, MI | Email

Emerging Professional: Rachel Middleton, CSI-EP | Columbus, OH | Email

Past President: Ken Schmidt, CSI, CDT | Indianapolis, IN | 317.578.3700 | Email

Serving the Great Lakes Region from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018

Institute Board Members

Director-Great Lakes: Jack Morgan, CSI, CCS, CCCA | Indianapolis, IN | 317.508.4516 | Email

​The full Board membership consists of the Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, and each chapter president within the region. Click each group on the board for contact information.