Committee Chairs

Academic Programs: Thad Goodman, FCSI, CCPR, CDT | 614.296.5375 | Email

Awards: Gregg Jones, CSI, CCS, CDT, AIA | 260.216.0222 | Email
               Jack Morgan, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT, AIA, LEED GA | 317.508.4516 | Email

Bylaws & Policy: Open

Certification: Ed Avink, FCSI, CCS, CDT | 616.450.8338 | Email

Conference: Glen Baines, CSI, CCPR | 317.626.9034 | Email

Education: Brad Saeger, CSI, CDT, AIA, LEED AP | 216.356.4172 | Email

Electronic Communications: David Proudfit, FCSI, CCS, CDT, AIA, SCIP | 513.984.4186 | Email

Membership: Blair Reese, CSI, CDT, LEED AP | 313.269.3868 | Email

Newsletter Co-Editor: Jack Morgan, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT, AIA, LEED GA | 317.508.4516 | Email
                                       Elizabeth Woodrow, CSI | 317.578.3700 | Email

Nominating: Gregg Jones, CSI, CCS, CDT, AIA | Email

Program Chair: Jack Morgan, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT, AIA, LEED GA | 317.508.4516 | Email

Librarian: Jack Morgan, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT, AIA, LEED GA | 317.508.4516 | Email

Planning: Open

TechnicalGary L. Beimers, FCSI, CDT, CSC, SCIP | 616.295.2232 | Email

Updated December 18, 2023


Academic Programs

Purpose of Great Lakes Region Academic Affairs Program:

To maintain a realistic and measurable Institute academic program.

CSI understands that the future of our industry is held within the walls of the academic institutions that are producing the next generation of Architects, Construction Managers, and Engineers. We are working to prepare these students and faculty members with the tools and information to educate them on our systems and documents they will see on the job sites around the country.

Here you will find a comprehensive package of resources for university use including CDT promotional and educational information and faculty guides for preparing students to take the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) exam.

Also, for those students who want to get involved in the educational process and the networking opportunities of tomorrow, there is information on how to start an affiliate chapter linked to your local professionals in the industry.


  • Outreach to Learning Institutions (CSI Members and Chapters): Chapter talking points for outreach to learning institutions.
  • Educators Toolbox (Faculty Use)
    • These tools and this information has greatly improved our success rate in getting a school to listen to us, and start using our products/programs. We also have educators on the APC committee now that will reach out and “talk the common language” with school officials to help grease the skids in getting new programs introduced at the school.

      Why the school would benefit from teaching CSI in their program:

  • Student Affiliate Tool Box (Parent Chapter Use)
  • Student Affiliate Support Tool box (Student Use)
    • This communication is slanted towards student activities, both in getting one set up and activities throughout the year.

      • Included is the Moll/Betts flyer again to market this to student to gain interest.

      • The Publisher file is to use to get the student familiar with the CSI organization and then use it as a tool to help set expectations for officers/committee chairs/etc.  (Having new chapter members work together to fill this out each year really means a good understanding of how CSI works)

      • Idea’s, Annual Ideas and Calendar outline are good overviews for ways to lay out the year

      • Campus View is a sample newsletter submission for the Campus Newsletter with is something that gives the students more visibility if they want. (some Campuses have them, some do not.)

      • It’s good to have a summer meeting to get everything laid out for the coming year, discuss past issues, etc

      • Flyers and Tri-folds to push out information to the students for various reasons.

Questions? Contact Chair Thad Goodman, FCSI, CCPR


Awards Committee

The Leaders of the Great Lakes Region believe in the importance of recognizing the talent, achievements and notable contributions to the construction industry that support the mission of CSI. Since CSI is a volunteer organization, many members generously contribute their time and effort. The awards program is the principal method for saying "thank you" to those members. Gracious and grateful recognition of extraordinary effort in the form of awards encourages continuing contributions.

Great Lakes Region Honors and Awards Guide for FY2023 is below for your reference. GLR Award Submissions are due by Friday, March 24, 2023 Midnight Eastern via email to Awards Chairs Gregg Jones or Jack Morgan. This guide has been prepared to assist members and Chapters in the Great Lakes Region of the Construction Specifications Institute in determining the individuals and organizations to whom awards may be given and the procedures involved for awards given by the Great Lakes Region.

Awards Guide

The forms for awards submissions are at the end of the Awards Guide

Please take the time to review this document and encourage your Chapter to participate the region awards program. You may find that there are awards at the region level for which your chapter did not know it could submit a nomination. Awards will be presented at the GLR Conference at the Annual Business Meeting.

Please send all submissions to:

Gregg Jones, CSI, CCS, CDT, AIA | Kalamazoo, MI | Email
Jack Morgan, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT, AIA, LEED GA | Indianapolis, IN | 317.508.4516 | Email

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Awards chair.


Bylaws and Policy Committee

​Model bylaws for chapters and process to revise bylaws can be found on the Institute website here.

Certification Committee

For details on the current Certification Exams timing and costs, visit

One of the significant programs that is part of CSI’s Mission, is the Certification Program. By instructing participants how to correctly handle construction documents in every project helps improve that project as well as the construction industry. Less errors and lower costs are a result of a better project.

By obtaining the Construction Document Technologist (CDT) Certificate, you are demonstrating that you understand the basics of how to administer Construction Documents and have set yourself apart from those that do not have that credential. You can obtain more in depth Certifications concerning Specifications – Certified Construction Specifier (CCS); concerning Project Administration – Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA); or concerning Product Representation – Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR) to further define your skills for your Projects.

The bulk of instruction of the Certification Programs is the local Chapter’s responsibility. The Great Lakes Region helps support the Chapters by giving helpful information and coordinating the various resources available around the Region. The GLR has offered Regional Webinars led by the Indianapolis Chapter’s Certification Committee. The various study classes leading to one or more of the credentials listed above, help those members who’s Chapter’s do not offer Study Classes. Study Sessions are offered in the Spring and Fall.

The Powerpoint and PDF Presentations below address the advantages of getting a Certification Credential and how the Region Certification Chair can support that effort.

Membership: The GLR Certification Committee consists of the Chapter Certification Chairs, or other designee from the Chapter, and the GLR Chair.

Meetings: At least once a year.

Conference Committee

The conference committee is typically assembled by the host chapter and committee chair agreed upon between the Chapter and the Region.

Past and Upcoming Conference Locations:

  • 2011 Conference Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • 2012 Conference Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 2013 Conference Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • 2014 Conference Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2015 Bi Region Conference Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • 2016 Conference Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • 2017 Conference Location: Akron, Ohio
  • 2018 Conference Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2019 Conference Location: Detroit, Michigan
  • 2020 Conference Location: Virtual (Facilitated by CSI Cincinnati)
  • 2021 Annual Meeting and Awards: Virtual (Facilitated by CSI Cincinnati)
  • 2022 Conference Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 2023 Conference Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • 2024 Conference Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Education Committee

Purpose of Great Lakes Region Education Committee:
To encourage GL Region chapter education programs.

Questions? Contact Chair Scott Mitchell-Taylor, CSI, CDT | 216.870.1970 | email

Helpful tools

  • 2018 Region Conference Presentation
    • These are some of the invigorating ideas for programs and education that we have gathered and culled as our best practices, to offer as tips for chapter committee chairs tasked with bringing enlightening, engaging programs and educational meetings to the chapters. These are also organized by some of the current Institute directives for Education which they support.
  • Education Committee Guidelines 
    • Brief Education Committee Guidelines for CSI Chapter Education Chair
  • Education Seminar Summary Report
    • Form to report summary of CSI Chapter education seminar, tour or event to the GLR

Submitted Education Seminar Reports

Electronic Communications

​Electronic Communications of the region includes this website.

The Newsletter has a separate Editor that coordinates distribution.

Membership Committee

Membership: Chair, chair-elect if applicable, and the membership chairs or other designee of the chapters of the Region.

Meetings: One per year.

Planning Committee

Membership: Chair and three members.
1) The immediate past president shall be the chair.
2) The region president-elect shall be a member.
3) The other two members shall serve two-year terms on a rotating basis. These members may be reappointed for one additional two-year term.

Meetings: One per year.

Prior Strategic Plans

  • GLR Strategic Plan FY16-20
    • The Great Lakes Region of the Construction Specifications Institute Strategic Plan FY16 – FY20 Published October 2016
  • GLR Strategic Plan FY12-15
    • The Great Lakes Region of the Construction Specifications Institute Strategic Plan FY12 – FY15 Published September 2011
  • CSI Strategic Plan FY11-15
    • Download a copy of the entire strategic plan with supporting documentation

Technical Committee

Membership: Chair, chair-elect if applicable, and the technical chairs or other designee of the chapters of the Region.

Meetings: One per year.

The Region technical chair shall, in addition to other obligations to the Region, participate in a national council of region technical chairs. As a member of the council of region technical chairs, the Region technical chair shall:

  1. Confer with region technical chairs from other regions and promote the technical needs of the membership to the Institute.
  2. When requested, participate in the review of technical documents and act as a member of this advisory body to the Institute technical committee.
  3. Make recommendations to the Institute technical committee regarding technical activity that should reside at the region level; and carry out activities that require multi-region participation.
  4. Recommend to the council the advancement of chapter.