COVID-19 Membership Relief Program

New Program Announcement

Dear Members of the Great Lakes Region:

The SARS-COV-2 pandemic has generated a difficult and unpredictable business environment, and many of our members are suffering financial hardships as a result. We at the Great Lakes Region firmly believe in the value of CSI membership and that maintaining membership in this organization can help you maintain your skills and connect with opportunities that may allow you to recover from the current situation more rapidly. The GRL wants to help.

We have established a new grant for GRL members who are suffering financial difficulties but want to remain in CSI. Each grant recipient will receive reimbursement of their Institute dues ($275 for a professional member).  Members are responsible for paying their chapter dues.

Please click here for details and to apply.

I want to thank the North Central Region for creation of this program & the Great Lakes Region Board of Directors for their quick action and support!

Wishing you all the best,

 - Thad Goodman, FCSI, CDT, CCPR, LEED Green Associate
   President, CSI Great Lakes Region