About the Southeast Region Awards Program


A. Scope:
1. Because each level of recognition plays a vital role in CSI’s overall goals, the Institute encourages an awards program at the region level.

2. It is essential that the Region recognize the efforts of its members and others whose activities support the goals of CSI.

3. The CSI Region Awards Program is designed to recognize the extraordinary efforts, talent,
achievements, and notable contributions to the construction industry that support the purpose of CSI and the Region.

4. The Region Awards Program shall be the principle method for the Region to say “thank you” to
members and others who have contributed time and effort generously to the Region. Awards that convey gracious and grateful recognition of extraordinary effort encourage continuing

5. The Region Awards Program shall promote the goals of intensifying members’ interest, gaining new members, developing new talent, stimulating interest in the Region’s growth, and promoting the public image of CSI.

6. The Region may also recognize contributions to a chapter that have far-reaching effects outside that chapter.