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Component Value Task Force (CVTF)

Signup Deadline: 11-18-2019
Starts: 12-02-2019
Ends: 05-31-2020


Chapter and Region Leaders:
Join the team designing the chapter and region playbook to deliver more membership value!

The Component Value Task Force (CVTF) will explore the question of how best to align chapter and regions — collectively “components” — and the Institute to provide maximum value to members. The task force will examine CSI’s current model, explore alternatives, and recommend what changes, if any, CSI’s component structure and function needs to improve shared understanding and direction. Their work will ultimately lead the creation and rollout of a Component Playbook, a single resource of chapter/region value creation and delivery for better alignment between all arms of the organization.

What you'll be doing:
CVTF will be expected to fulfill the following activities during their term of service (Fall 2019-Spring 2020)

  • Participate in a kick-off Zoom call to finalize scope, methodology, and inquiry perspectives
  • Be available for up to two Zoom meetings during late 2019 to refine the process
  • Attend a strategy retreat (in-person), where CVTF will contribute thought and perspective in the authorship of a Component Playbook
  • Virtual review and refinement of Playbook, early 2020
  • Be available for up to four Zoom meetings during winter/spring 2020 to coordinate the implementation and rollout of the Playbook
  • Serve as a trusted resource and spokesperson for the Playbook to the larger CSI community after rollout

Collaborate with a team of 10-20 current and former chapter and region leaders from across the country

Estimated Time Commitment: 
8 hours/month for 6 months

Desired Task Force Member Attributes:

  • A depth of knowledge/experience in at least one of the arms of CSI component leadership – be it chapter, regional, or national
  • The ability to see beyond a single perspective – be it chapter, regional, or national – and look for CSI-global identifiers and strengths
  • The willingness to provide feedback as needed AND lend voice and perspective to authorship in the strategy session
  • Team players – those who listen to understand rather than reply, who welcome perspectives outside of their own for a more robust final product
  • Master-level listeners. Much of this work will be hearing strengths, opportunities, possibilities and identifying commonalities.
  • Rational resource identifiers. Those who can see an idea and help to clearly identify the logical resources needed to get it done.
  • Those that have the time to fulfill the duties as specified in the timeline above. This will be a nimble, but hard-working group.
  • A general positive disposition towards the future of CSI and its components – those who have the heart of ‘stronger together’ that will use that lens in our work

Ready to join the team? Log in to the CSI website to apply or to nominate a colleague!

Volunteers Needed:

20 (20 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Liz Icenogle, CAE
Director of Component Relations