Orchestrating Productive Digital Meetings

When:  Apr 14, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Portland Oregon

We’ve all been there.  Someone has called a meeting together, people show up, and…  Who called the meeting?  What are we talking about?  Why are we talking about that and not this? When will it be over?  Why isn’t it over yet?  Now I’m late for my next meeting, which makes me late for the next meeting… and now we have to do it all over web conferencing software. 

Its time to end the madness.  Join us for a discussion on orchestrating a productive digital meeting.  We will discuss how critical agendas are to orchestrating your digital meeting.  We will look at best practices for attending and hosting digital meetings, including  

  • Patience 
  • Where is the button that mutes my audio (or everyone else’s)? 
  • How do I ask or take questions? 
  • What is digital meeting etiquette? 

Here is our Draft Agenda (and the first lesson): 

  • Agenda 
  • Identify the purpose of the meeting and apply the correct digital format 
  • Prepare a draft agenda (like this!) 
  • Build a detailed agenda 
  • Start the meeting on time 
  • Tailor your meeting notes 
  • Focusing and re-focusing the team 
  • Finish the meeting early 

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Identifying the right meeting format for the right audience. 
  2. Utilizing an agenda as a multi-tool for shaping the conversation.  An agenda can facilitate far more than just a heads up to what we are going to discuss. 
  3. Crafting the meeting notes to document what was discussed, but more importantly what was decided, and the direction those decisions will take the team. 
  4. Managing the attendees to your meeting to help ensure a productive outcome. 
1 AIA LU available


Jake LaManna is a Quality Assurance Manager for Walsh Construction, with 4 year’s experience in that position.  Other experience pertinent to discussing how to orchestrate a productive meeting includes 4 years on the Board of the Portland Chapter of CSI (Secretary since 2016), 6 years as an absentee part-owner in the Gillette Brewing Company, and 11 years as an aspiring architect.  If there is a way to participate in or conduct a meeting, he’s tested it – from conference calls, video conferencing, web-based platforms, sitting in a room with 1 individual, standing in a room with 100. 

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