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Reiner Pligge, RA, CSI, CDT, ALA, CDC, M. Arch

Senior Building Enclosure Pathology / Restoration Design / Project Delivery Consultant,

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Reiner Pligge is a respected, driven independent Roofing & Waterproofing Expert, Masonry Facade & Fenestration Authority, Building Enclosure Technology Pathology Consultant as well as, a knowledgeable, divergent-thinking, practiced Design Architect, with an expertise and passion for providing complete and concise professional services for difficult Defect Remediations, Maintenance-based Rehabilitations and Historic Restoration Projects. Reiner has also earned recognition as a Master Construction Contract Administrator and has successfully Delivered over 250 Restoration Construction Projects totaling near $75-million in construction costs. Mr. Pligge is also a CSI Certified, Contract Document Technologist.

Reiner spent the first 8-years of his career working full-time as an Apprentice Architect & Architectural Draftsman / Detailer (Hand Drawings) for a small, albeit prolific Design Firm owned by Architect, John P. Schraw (Deceased) in Rosemont, Illinois. Reiner learned all-aspects of the Architectural Process here, including, but not limited to, Client Relationships, Soil Boring Analysis, Building Code / Zoning Reviews, Site Design, Foundation Design (including Structural), Structural Steel Design and Detailing, Exterior and Interior Design and Detailing, Landscape Design, etc. Mr. Pligge evolved into a creative, talented Building Designer. In April of 1979, Reiner was recruited by the newly formed "Architectural Group" at the highly respected Consulting Engineering Firm, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE) in Northbrook, IL (later Chicago, IL), first as a skilled Senior Architectural Draftsman / Field Technician / Detailer. In 1983, Reiner became an Illinois Licensed Architect and was immediately promoted to the Position of Senior Architect / Project Manager. It was during his tenure at this prestigious Firm that he developed the skills necessary to earn the Title designation of Consulting Architect.

Today, Mr. Pligge is a respected Architectural Process and Construction Methodology Authority and astute, hands-on Building Technology & Defect Investigator. He has developed efficient, creative designs, and prepared and/or managed the preparation of thousands of building, defect remediation, maintenance-based rehabilitation, and historic Restoration Construction Drawings as well as, developing and writing custom Technical Specifications for numerous building enclosures experiencing Premature Deterioration, Water Infiltration Problems and Building Component / Systems Failure. Reiner's unique, creative Construction Contract Administration experience includes successfully delivering numerous difficult, highly technical and time-sensitive Projects in occupied buildings that required an Expedited Project Delivery approach.

Reiner is a proven Professional and legally recognized Expert in Illinois. He has served as an Expert Witness, specializing in Building Construction Workmanship providing successful Expert Testimony and Litigation Support on several large Litigations.

In conclusion, Reiner is also an experienced college-level Architectural Design & Technology Educator. He was recruited by the Architecture Department Chairs at both Harper College in Palatine, Illinois and Triton College in River Grove, Illinois, to be a part-time Adjunct Faculty Member and did so for a total of 12 - years.